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    May 22, 2015

    Dell Continues to Enhance its DR Deduplication and DL Backup Appliances

    Earlier this month, Dell announced enhancements to its DR series of deduplication appliances. Deduplication appliances continue to be a common method of improving one’s overall data protection infrastructure since they can typically be added to whatever backup/archive software or method that you already have, while near immediately reducing the storage consumed in secondary copies.

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    May 20, 2015

    A ‘File Server in the Cloud’ is hard to find!

    This weekend, I decided to fully embrace the cloud by getting rid of my last "production IT resource" in my Dallas office—a file server. This is not complicated, right? It is currently a 2TB VM with less than a dozen file shares on it and serving 3-5 users with various permissions to the shares. That is a configuration that anyone who has ever spun up a copy of Windows Server OS could do in less than an hour—but can you do it in the cloud? Not as easily as you might think.

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    May 18, 2015

    Where ‘Data Protection’ Fits among 2015 IT Spending Priorities (Video)

    Each year, ESG publishes its annual IT Spending Intentions report – and each year, I look at the research from a “Data Protection Guy’s” perspective. I've already shared my 2015 Data Protection Predictions that were in part based on that research, but my friends in the ESG video studio let me share my data protection interpretations of the IT Spending Intentions research itself.
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    May 15, 2015

    Video Series on Data Protection Appliances – Part 4, Failover BC/DR Appliances

    The last installment in our four-Friday video series, based on the recent ESG research report on the Shift toward Data Protection Appliances,

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    May 15, 2015

    Unitrends Free backup appliance revived, with limitations - TechTarget

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    May 14, 2015

    Your SaaS Application needs to be Backed Up!

    As I mentioned in my Data Protection Predictions for 2015 video, SaaS backup should be on the top of anyone's mind who is running for the clouds: namely Office 365, SalesForce, or GoogleApps. According to ESG’s 2015 IT Spending Intentions Survey's five-year outlook for SaaS, over half of IT organizations will move from on-premises Exchange servers and File/Collab platforms to cloud-based SaaS services, with many already on their way:

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    May 13, 2015

    CommVault’s Future Just Became ‘Cloudy’ – In a Good Way

    Today, CommVault announced four new offerings to take its Simpana platform to the clouds in two directions...
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    May 13, 2015

    Commvault breaks out Simpana software into cloud bundles - TechTarget

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    May 8, 2015

    Video Series on Data Protection Appliances – Part 3, Cloud Gateway Appliances

    Continuing our four-Friday video series, based on the recent ESG research report on the Shift toward Data Protection Appliances.
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    May 4, 2015

    What’s New in Data Protection from EMC World 2015 – and Why It Matters

    Today, at EMC World 2015, EMC announced a significant number of new offerings and updates; starting from their core technologies (storage) and then quite literally wrapping it with a layer of “Data Protection Everywhere.”

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    May 1, 2015

    Video Series on Data Protection Appliances – Part 2, Deduplication Appliances

    Continuing our four-Friday video series, based on the recent ESG research report on the Shift toward Data Protection Appliances. This installment covers deduplication storage appliances – those wonderful storage devices that drop in existing (or new) backup and archival infrastructures and automagically and radically reduce storage consumption through optimized protection storage.
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    Apr 27, 2015

    The Decentralization of Data Protection

    These days, stakeholders other than traditional backup admins influence (or even dictate) data protection decisions and operations. Often, the situation arises because “general-purpose IT pros” actually do the lion’s share of day-to-day data protection work. Clearly, therefore, communication and collaboration within the IT organization should be getting more attention. And IT vendors selling protection technologies should be expanding their outreach efforts beyond pitching their products to backup admins alone.

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    Apr 24, 2015

    Video Series on Data Protection Appliances – Part 1, Backup Appliances

    In March 2015, ESG published its research report on the Shift toward Data Protection Appliances. In ESG’s taxonomy, there are four types of DPAs in market today. For the next four Fridays, I’ll be releasing videos (about 4 minutes long each), detailing why each type of DPA is interesting, current and anticipated usage trends, etc. Why Fridays? Because Fridays deserve something easy, and DPAs offer all kinds of easy.
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    Apr 16, 2015

    Crossroads Systems boosts StrongBox DR failover to tape - TechTarget

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    Mar 31, 2015

    The Shift Toward Data Protection Appliances

    In order to accurately assess organizations’ preferences toward data protection appliances—those devices (physical or virtual) that were specifically designed to deliver or enhance data protection scenarios—ESG surveyed 299 IT professionals representing midmarket organizations (defined as organizations with 100 to 999 employees) and enterprise-class organizations (defined as organizations with 1,000 or more employees) in North America. All respondents were responsible for data protection technology purchase decisions at their organizations.

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Jason Buffington focuses primarily on data protection, along with Windows Server infrastructure, management and virtualization. He has concentrated on data protection and availability technologies since 1989 and has been a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP), a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Trainer (MSCE/MCT), and a Microsoft MVP in file system and storage solutions.

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