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Senior Principal Analyst

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    Apr 21, 2008

    Why the heck did IBM buy Encentuate?

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    Apr 18, 2008

    Encryption Acquisitions

  • Blogs
    Apr 14, 2008

    A State of Confusion at McAfee?

  • lab reports
    Apr 7, 2008

    HP StorageWorks Secure Key Manager: Hardened, Clustered Key Management

    The HP StorageWorks Secure Key Manager (SKM) is a hardened security appliance providing centralized key management operations for HP StorageWorks Enterprise Storage Library (ESL) E-Series Tape Libraries and HP StorageWorks Enterprise Modular Library (EML) E-Series Tape Libraries. This ESG Lab report documents the results of hands-on testing of HP SKM solutions with a focus on ease of deployment, transparent integration with existing backup operations, clustered fault tolerance and strong security.

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    Apr 1, 2008

    Hey Uncle Sam, Why No Green IT Plan?

  • research briefs
    Apr 1, 2008

    ESG Research Brief: IT Excellence Demands Both SIM/Log Management and Network Flow Data Analysis

    With a plethora of compliance, IT governance, security and risk management tools to choose from, large organizations often struggle to understand which ones are really necessary. ESG research indicates that the most sophisticated organizations often rely on a combination of tools that include Security Information Management (SIM)/log management and network data flow analysis. These firms complement their management tools with standard processes and executive oversight to achieve superior results.
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    Mar 13, 2008

    VMsafe Provides A Window Into Virtual Server Security

    Security is extremely important in a virtual server deployment, especially as enterprises apply the technology to host mission-critical applications. VMware demonstrated its commitment to strong security with the improvements it made in ESX Server 3i. This VMsafe announcement is raising the bar even higher. How? By providing a security window into hypervisors, partnering with the security industry, and bolstering security for virtual server deployments and beyond. With this announcement, applications may be more secure running on top of VMs than on physical servers.
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    Feb 28, 2008

    Novell Acquires PlateSpin to Extend Virtualization Management Solutions

    Novell surprised the crowd at VMworld Europe with its acquisition of virtualization management vendor PlateSpin. Novell plans to add PlateSpin to its ZENworks systems and operations management portfolio. This bold move could make Novell a data center automation leader if it can leverage its existing relationship with Microsoft, cozy up to VMware and schmooze large organizations with heterogeneous server virtualization strategies.
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    Feb 27, 2008

    Citrix Announces its Virtualization Architecture

    In 2007, Citrix jumped into the server virtualization space with both feet when it acquired technology innovator XenSource. The company is not content with server virtualization products alone, however. This month, Citrix announced its Citrix Delivery Center initiative that blends individual products into an end-to-end virtualization architecture focused on application delivery. The vision here is to turn static data centers into more dynamic "delivery centers" that enable advanced business value. This pioneering move should open CIO and enterprise doors.
  • research briefs
    Feb 13, 2008

    Research Brief: ISO, ITIL, and COBIT Triple Play Fosters Optimal Security Management Execution

    ESG's recent security management survey provides compelling evidence that success strategies require the use of multiple best practice controls and processes in addition to state-of-the-art tools. Organizations that implement a mix of ITIL, ISO and COBIT best practices have achieved noticeably higher levels of workflow and organizational integration, thereby improving their ability to address internal and external business requirements across IT and the business.
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    Feb 4, 2008

    Juniper is Ready for the Enterprise

    Juniper brought its show to Broadway when it announced its new family of homegrown Ethernet switches in New York City. This introduction isn't about Layer 2 connectivity, however. Juniper can now offer enterprises an end-to-end, high speed network platform based upon the JUNOS operating system. With this move, Juniper can now present itself as a Cisco alternative to large organizations that live or die based upon network-based business processes.
  • briefs
    Jan 23, 2008

    F5 Extends The High-End of the Application Delivery Controller Market

    Web application growth has led to an unexpected technology bottleneck. Many Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) simply don't have the horsepower to handle the scale associated with demands for SSL transactions, traffic shaping and Web 2.0 content. F5 Networks wants to address these problems head-on with a better mousetrap. Its new VIPRION family creates an ADC "supercomputer"-delivering massive scalability to meet the application delivery needs of high-end web apps.
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    Jan 23, 2008

    Microsoft Will Turn Up the Server Virtualization Volume in 2008

    The technology vendor graveyards are filled with competitors who underestimated Microsoft's ability in product innovation and sales execution. You'd think that people would learn from the past, but may pundits continue to discount Microsoft in server virtualization. ESG believes this is a mistake. Users are already deploying Virtual Server 2005 R2 and Microsoft will soon release its bare-metal hypervisor, dubbed Hyper-V. ESG believes that Microsoft could ride its new product, global installed base, partner network and distribution machine to become a major server virtualization player in the new year.
  • briefs
    Jan 11, 2008

    Citrix: Folding Server and Desktop Virtualization into its Strategy

    When Citrix bought XenSource, Wall Street didn't get it. Having articulated its strategy, it all makes more sense-Citrix wants to create end-to-end IT virtualization to complement its Application Delivery Infrastructure (ADI). ESG believes this is a sound strategy and Citrix can be successful if it can execute quickly, gain momentum and continue to innovate in a market that is on fire.
  • briefs
    Jan 4, 2008

    Security Trends for 2008

    ESG believes that the security industry will continue to consolidate and mature in 2008 as large organizations demand better technology integration and look to outsource risk to security service providers. As always, it ought to be a very active year.

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Jon Oltsik is an ESG senior principal analyst and the founder of the firm’s information security service. With over 25 years of technology industry experience, Jon is widely recognized as an expert in all aspects of information security and is often called upon to help customers understand a CISO's perspective and strategies. Recently, Jon has been an active participant with cybersecurity issues, legislation, and technology within the U.S. federal government.

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