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New Research Confirms the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Is an Existential Threat

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Do you want to deploy HCI? How do you compare solutions?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Has Been in Babysitting Mode for Years...Something Must Change!

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Storage Trends Research – Data Center Storage Technology Revolution (#4 in a series) - includes video

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Gigamon Goes Private (Equity)!

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Endpoint Security: The Efficient Efficacy Design Center

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Best Practice:  Security Operations Automation before Orchestration

Apps coming back? Finding the balance with the cloud.

Storage Trends Research – The Impact of CI/HCI (#3 in a series) - includes video

SOAPA Video with ServiceNow (Part 1)

What I Expect from AWS re:Invent 2017

Few People Know it's National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. That’s a Problem.

Data Management Is Undeniably the Future of Data Protection

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RCS and Universal Communications - This Time, It May Work

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SDN and Network Virtualization Revisited

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Box is a Platform, Not a Storage Provider

Storage Trends Research - Flash Storage (#2 in a series) - includes video

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Storage Trends Research (#1 in a series) – includes video

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NEXT Up: Hitachi Vantara (includes video)

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Hitachi Transforms Itself at Next (Video)

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Veritas Vision Recap: Leveraging Data for Multi-Cloud (Video)

Time to Embrace a Security Management Plane in the Cloud

IT Infrastructure’s Comings, Goings….and Stayings (Video)

The Problem with Collecting, Processing, and Analyzing More Security Data

Storage Versus Data: The Role of Storage in Managing the Larger Data IT Ecosystem (Video)

Phased Process for Cloud Security

Back in the Saddle Again

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Apple Announcements: Good for Businesses?

Security Operations Spending and ROI

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Hyperconverged Systems Don't Preclude the Need for Data Protection (Video)

Focus on the Right Thing about Containers: What the Workloads Perform, not How They Do It

VMworld 2017: The Year of the Cloud

Cybersecurity Pros' Opinions on Their Organization’s Security Operations

Wrap-up on Backup from VMworld US 2017

Top 3 Workspace Wonders at VMworld 2017

VMworld 2017: A Cornucopia of Possibilities (includes video)

Talking SOAPA with Vectra Networks (Video, Part 1)

VMware Advances Application Security

VMworld 2017 Day 1 Recap - VMware Moving Past Virtualization for Cloud, Mobile, and Security

Security Operations Challenges Galore

Looking towards Data Management and Enablement in 2018 (Video)

Do you still need a VM-specific backup solution?

Nothing in IT Really Ends - Capisce? (Video)

What is an Enterprise-class Cybersecurity Vendor?

Network Services: Procurement and the Role of Service Providers

Future of Flash from Flash Memory Summit: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Cybersec Pros Choose Their Top Enterprise-class Cybersecurity Vendors

LTE and 5G: The Role of Wireless in Future SD-WAN

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations Skills Shortage

How the Fluid Network Perimeter Is Driving an Internet of Identities

Addressing Security Analytics and Operations Issues

Moving Forward with Machine Learning for Cybersecurity

Black Hat Impressions

Black Hat 2017: Disruption in the Wind

The U.S. Versus China with Flash Memory Stuck in the Middle

“Dev-Test” in the Cloud Can Mean Ops as Well as Apps

A Quick Talk with Yousuf Kahn, CIO of Pure Storage: High Performance Flash Is Powering Digital Business Transformation (Video)

Looking Forward to VMworld

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage: Profound Impact on Security Analytics and Operations

Anticipating Black Hat 2017

As the Storage Industry Converges on VMworld, HPE and NetApp are Poised to Make Noise

VMworld – What I’m Intrigued To See

What to Watch About Systems Management & DevOps @ VMworld 2017

Cybersecurity Operations: More Difficult Than It Was 2 Years Ago

Midyear Check-in on Data Protection Initiatives in 2017 (Animated Infographic)

ESG Cybersecurity Research and a Preview of Black Hat USA 2017 (Video)

SOAPA Interview With Rick Caccia of Exabeam- Part 2 (Video)

Is the "Silver Lining" of Clouds Just Free Money for Some [of Your] Vendors!? (Video)

Applications Drive Hybrid Cloud, With On-Premises Being the Key to Hybrid, Not Public Cloud (Video)

The Internet of Identities (IoI)

Long Term Data Retention is Evolving – Are You? (Video)

Cisco Ramps Up Security With Intent-based Networking

At .NEXT, Nutanix Says It’s Time For a 'Real Hybrid Cloud' (Video)

CiscoLive and Cybersecurity

Cisco Intent-Based Networking Brings SDN to the Enterprise

SOAPA Interview with Rick Caccia of Exabeam, Part 1

First-hand Experience of Incomplete Digital Transformation

Telemetry and Performance Management in Softwarized Environments

WHAT Products or Services Might you Consider when Using Clouds Within your Data Protection Strategy – Part 4 in Series

Cisco’s Future Intents – Subtlety and Importance of What Is Coming

What's .NEXT for Nutanix?

Intelligent Networks - Networking is More than Data Delivery

What I Expect at Cisco Live 2017 - Grand Strategy Coming Together

Pure Accelerates its Move from Being Purely About All-flash Arrays

ESG Security Operations and Analytics Webinar

HOW to Ensure Security when Using Clouds Within your Data Protection Strategy – Part 3 in Series (Video)

HPE Discover-ing Its True Identity

WHICH Clouds to Use Within your Data Protection Strategy – Part 2 in Series

Data Center Transformation, Powered by NetApp Transformation

Think Economics -- Not Features -- When Evaluating Big Data Value

WHY Use Clouds as Part of your Data Protection Strategy – Part 1 in Series (Video)

NetApp Looking Good For Its Age! (Video)

Splunk on SOAPA (Part 2)

ServiceNow - A Platform for More than Just the Service Desk

What Users Tell Infrastructure Vendors in Recent ESG Research (Video, Part 2 of 2)

ChefConf Showcases Chef and Continuous Automation

Thank You, Analyst Relations

Red Hat Lays Out Its Hybrid Cloud Vision

Dell EMC Partner Summit - Excitement…New Benefits… and a Little Transformation Math!

Wrap-up on Backup from VeeamON 2017

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What Users Tell Infrastructure Vendors In Recent ESG Research (Part 1 of 2)

Google I/O Fascinates Developers, but How About CIOs?

A Video Interview about SOAPA with Haiyan Song, SVP of Splunk, Part 1

Availability Comes of (Digital Life) Age - VeeamOn 2017

The VMware EUC Team’s Execution Machine Continues to Roll

Informatica Origami

Wrap-Up on Backup – from Dell EMC World 2017

Dell EMC World – ESG’s On Location Video Insights

WannaCry Makes Me Want to Cry!

Feeling Transformed after Dell EMC World 2017

Will WannaCry Help Drive Google Chromebooks?

Citrix Synergy 2017: Anticipating a Focal Point on Cloud and Security

Dell EMC World - Positive Attitudes (Plus New Latitudes!)

SIEM: Remains an Enterprise Security Architecture Requirement

Microsoft Build: a Smarter Future Today

Interop ITX 2017- A View into a Full Stack of IT

Is Intel Inside Your Digital Transformation?

The Rise of Enterprise-class Cybersecurity Vendors

Are Next-generation Firewalls Legacy Technology?

Wrap-up on Backup – from Veritas Sales Conference FY18

Dell EMC: IT Transformation Is About Attitude as Well as Aptitude

Public Cloud Trends - 2017 research study shows steady cloud growth

Toward Enterprise Security Technology Integration

Networking @ Scale: Who Can Learn these Lessons?

Microsoft's Broad AI Strategy in 10 Tweets

The Ultimate in Convergence: Looking Ahead to Dell EMC World

Barriers to Hybrid Cloud Onboarding: A Large Enterprise View

Enterprise Security Technology Consolidation

What the Dell will we all EMC in Vegas?

The Rise of No Code Development (Video)

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Impact on Technology Innovation

The Role of Standards in a Security Ops and Analytics Platform Architecture (Video)

Looking Forward to Backing Up -- at Dell EMC World 2017

The Good, Better, Best of Data Management (Video)

The Real Dangers of Assisted and Augmented Reality

The Transition to NVMe: Accessibility Matters

HPE Gets Nimble: Dollars, Distribution...and Differentiation

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Threatens the Mid-market

Picking a Winner for the Best Cloud

Expectations for Dell EMC World 2017: Is it One Company or Two?

Data Makes the World Go Round...

Cybersecurity Remains an Elusive Business Priority

An EDR Perspective on Security Ops and Analytics Architecture (Video)

SOAPA Services Opportunities Abound

Database Forecast: Cloudy with Increasing Chances

People, Process, and Technology Challenges with Security Operations

The New McAfee

Cloudera Builds Strength and Agility

Micro-segmentation Projects Span Enterprise Organizations

Is Multi-cloud More Marketing Than Reality? (Video)

Oracle Removes the Line Between Cloud & On-premises Storage

RIP Raimund Genes, Trend Micro CTO

Toward Strategic and Proactive Threat Intelligence Programs

IBM Interconnect 2017: Sharpening IBM's Enterprise Focus

Software-defined Perimeters: An Architectural View of SDP

Google Cloud and the Network Engineer

'Hybrid IT' Is Great – Unless It’s Just Pretend

Wi-Fi Calling - a Big Win and a Big Loss

Cloud Security: Still a Work in Progress

Strata Data Conference Gets Good

Multi-cloud or Not?

Google Cloud Next Wrap Up - Opportunities and Challenges

Why Is IR Automation and Orchestration So Hot?

IBM on Security Analytics and Operations (SOAPA) Part 2

Google Cloud Next - The Key Thing to Security is a New Mindset

IBM Chat About Security Analytics and Operations (SOAPA) - Video

That's a Wrap! RSA Conference 2017 Thoughts and Observations, Continued (Video)

Google Cloud Next - Enterprise Legacy Migration

Google Next: An Enterprise Awakening for Google Cloud

The Google Machine Learns to Compete

The Three-legged IT Stool (Video)

RSA 2017 - A Few Good User Interfaces in a Sea of Horrendous Ones

HPE gets "Nimble" for $1 Billion

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Holding Steady

Google Cloud Next - What's in Store Next?

Dealing with Overwhelming Volumes of Security Alerts

Big Data, Database, ML and AI Spending Trends: What You Need to Know

That's a Wrap! RSA Conference 2017 Thoughts and Observations, Part 1 (Video)

IT Experience Can Be Beneficial for a Cybersecurity Career

That was Fast! HPE Closes SimpliVity Acquisition

NY State Cybersecurity Regulations: Who Wins?

The Big Data Bubble Rises

New York State Cybersecurity Rules and the Skills Shortage

The Contemporary Opportunity for Traditional IT Hardware (Video)

RSA 2017 - Security Pains for Software Providers and Government

RSA - Detaching Hype from Reality

In and Around the 2017 RSA Conference

Y Evolve Your Data Protection Strategy in 2017 (Video)

Highlights from Spark Summit East

The Challenges Companies Face When Adopting DevOps in 2017 (Video)

Hybrid Data Management (Video)

Top 5 Characteristics of a High-quality Citrix Technology Partner

Kaminario Announces General Availability for K2 Generation 6

2017 Channel Acceleration Awards - Part 2

2017 ESG Channel Acceleration Awards - Part 1

What Sits on the Public Cloud Always & Forever? (Video)

How Will Cloud Impact Systems Management Vendors in 2017 (Video)

Security Analytics and Operations at RSA

RSA 2017: Anticipating Network Security Chatter

What's in Store for Converged and Hyperconverged Systems in 2017? (Video)

Cloud Computing: Predictions for 2017 (Video) - Part 3!

2017 Big Data & Analytics Predictions: Part 3: Pipelines

Dell EMC & VMware: The Value in Multiple Manifestations of SDS

RSA Conference Topic: Endpoint Security

Scratching the Surface on What to Expect at RSA 2017 (Video)

2017 Predictions for Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps (Video)

Converged Vs. Hyperconverged Infrastructure: What's The Difference?

Cloud Computing: Predictions for 2017 (Video) - Part 2

Shadow IT and Cloud Access Security Brokers Video

2017 Big Data & Analytics Prediction: Part 2: Machine Learning (Video)

Commuting Chelsea Manning’s Sentence Was Just and Proper

Why Did Cisco Pursue AppDynamics?

Cisco Buys AppDynamics to Strengthen Cloud Software Portfolio

Pure Storage Announces General Availability for FlashBlade

Remarkably, Many Organizations Still Opt for 'Good Enough' Cybersecurity

Cloud Computing: Predictions for 2017 (Video) - Part 1

2017 Enterprise Storage Predictions (Video)

Anticipating RSA Conference 2017

2017 Big Data & Analytics Predictions: Part 1: The Cloud (Video)

Networking: Predictions for 2017 (Video)

HPE Acquires SimpliVity as the Market (Hyper)Converges

The Case for a Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA) - Includes Video

Endpoint Security in 2017

Checking on Kudu

Thoughts on Incident Response Automation and Orchestration

2017 Data Protection Predictions (Video)

The Good News/Hard Truth about Storage Management Software

Cybersecurity Pros to Trump: Critical Infrastructure Is Very Vulnerable to a Cyber-attack

2017: The Year of Cybersecurity Scale

In the Age Of Never-ending Technology Conquests, Common Sense Still Trumps All

ESG 2017 Predictions - Cybersecurity, Part 2 (Video)

Security Data Growth Drives Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA)

Delta-V Awards - 2016 Edition - The Top Five

Delta-V Awards - 2016 Edition - 10 to 6

Looking Back to Look Forward on Cybersecurity

Delta-V Awards - 2016 Edition - 15 to 11

Delta-V Awards - 2016 Edition - 20 to 16

ESG 2017 Predictions - Enterprise Mobility (Video)

High Demand Cybersecurity Skills in 2017

…and they wonder why IT partners aren’t seeing blue skies in the cloud

Driving Infrastructure Value (includes Video)

New Research Reveals Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Impact

Predictions For Storage in 2017 (Video)

Why CISOs Succeed and Why They Leave

Threats and Industry Dynamics on the 2017 Cybersecurity Radar Screen (Video)

A Slimmer HPE Means There’s More to “Discover?" (Includes Video)

Trump Cybersecurity Dos and Don’ts (Part 2)

How Two Different Approaches to Common Management of Clouds are Delivering Hybrid Cloud

With Trust Established, Security Less of a Focus at AWS re:Invent 2016

Time to Stop Buying IT Hardware for Your Data Center

Trump Cybersecurity Dos and Don’ts

Goodbye SIEM, Hello SOAPA

Hybrid Cloud Through Common Applications with Microsoft and HPE

VMware and AWS are Enabling Hybrid Cloud with a Common Platform

Which Job-related Factors Alienate Cybersecurity Pros?

Why Machine Learning is the Future of Big Data

Trump Remains Frighteningly Behind in Cybersecurity

Enterprise Mobility Exchange Event Highlights the Complexity of Mobility

AWS re:Invent Preview: The Case for Cloud-Delivered Security

Insights from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Event, Las Vegas

Goodbye NAC, Hello Software-defined Perimeter (SDP)

Do You Wonder About or Fear Software-defined Storage? (Video)

Answering the Question: What Exactly is Hybrid Cloud?

Election Data Models Lesson for Cybersecurity

SDSN: Software-defined What?

In Politics (as in Channel Partnering), It’s All Personal

How the US Election Polls Failed Us...

The Scary State of the Cybersecurity Profession

Systems Management at ESG

Are we evaluating the storage technology name or the benefit?

Cybersecurity: A Priority for the Next POTUS

New Blog on Fiduciary Class Data Recovery

Better Business Protection – Fiduciary Class Data Recovery

OpenStack: The Philosophical Divide

OpenStack Summit: Nostalgia or Looking Forward

Trend Micro’s Enterprise Play

Dell EMC World 2016 Wrap-up

A Music Playlist For Networking Pros

NV, NFV, SDN, SD-WAN: Networking Acronyms That Can Transform Your Data Center

IBM Jumps the Cognitive Shark

Cybersecurity Isn’t Always a “Boardroom Issue”

DellEMC World – “And they’re off…..”     (includes video)

Cybersecurity, Business, and IT Relationships

Dell EMC World 2016: The Transformation is Just Beginning

A movie and awareness for NetScout's network and security tools

David Bunnell, R.I.P.  -  Tech Media and Promise of Social Change

Consumer Reports and a Bad Recommendation on Home Computing

Red Hat - commoditizing or democratizing?

Recruiting and Retaining Cybersecurity Talent

VMware Cloud on AWS – What makes it different? What's the goal?

Lenovo and Nimble Storage Join Forces

Cloud computing is elastic, but people are not – can Rackspace help?

Cybersecurity Canon Book Report: There Will Be Cyberwar

Juniper Networks' Audacious Goals for Automated Networking

IT Attrition Could Help Address the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

The Truth About Cybersecurity Certifications

HDS Is Spelled Hitachi (includes video)

The State of Cybersecurity Professional Careers

Google Touts Its Cloud Network

AI & Machine Learning Take Center Stage

NetApp Has Future In Sight at its Insight Event (includes video)

Splunk Intent on Extending Cybersecurity Leadership

Is gamification in your training and sales enablement vocabulary?

Wrap-Up on Backup from Microsoft Ignite (with Video)

Incident Response Automation and Orchestration

Swirld's Hashgraph: A Better Blockchain?

Oracle Open World: Beginning to Focus on the Middle Word (includes video)

The Newest Member of the ESG Lab Analyst Team

Oracle Sees Multiple Journeys to Cloud Computing

Trends in Software-defined Networking Webinar Recording

Keeping Up with Incident Response

Vision 2016: Bringing Veritas into Focus (includes video)

SIEM Market Dynamics in Play

ESG Video Capsule: Upcoming Research on Database Market Trends

Qualifying Micron's QuantX

New Veritas = New Vision

The Era of Identity-based Applications

Oracle ZS5 Is Foundational for Oracle's Data Cloud Future

IT Operations Analytics from the Source

Is Your Data Protection Strategy Suffering a Civil War?

My 30 Years At EMC, Sort Of……

Cybersecurity Goes Private: McAfee and RSA

The End of the All Together

VMworld 2016 Key Takeaway: The Announcement of “VMEverywhere”  (includes video)

Understanding Poetry at the HPE Big Data Conference

VMworld: My Cybersecurity-centric Impressions

VMware Expands NSX Use Cases With Cross-Cloud

IoT networking: Bluetooth and mobile networks: future has multiple nets

Cybersecurity and VMworld

Hyperconverged infrastructure vendor Nutanix goes on a buying spree

Looking forward to VMworld 2016

The most important ingredient in tech marketing

Pay-as-you-go enterprise networking

F5 Agility conference: somebody familiar, some things are new

The pressing need for network security operations automation

Contemplating the internet's impact on society

More on operationalizing threat intelligence

Why you still need backup … and beyond

CISO portfolio management

Six for 16: Black Hat 2016 takeaways

A few thoughts from Black Hat 2016

Four ways to de-escalate the marketing wars

Oracle's long game for cloud

Second half predictions for big data & analytics

Squirrel! What to chase at Black Hat 2016

Anticipating Black Hat

Russian DNC hack — a cybersecurity microcosm

Swimming application security upstream with SecDevOps

The future of flash is guaranteed

Cybersecurity: a vertical industry application?

From rattling cages to moving goalposts — DataCore & the storage industry

The gold standard for data protection keeps evolving

Cisco: from CLI to cloud

Crypto:  Nominated to the Cybersecurity Canon

Carbon Black’s Acquisition of Confer Marks NGES Transition from Tools to Platform

What a Relief! The Federal Appeals Court Just Saved the Cloud

Cybersecurity Highlights from CiscoLive

A case study in how to #EpicFail at a product launch

IBM's cloudy future

Partner portals — love that dirty water

OMG! It’s ODM!

Operationalizing threat intelligence

How to make sense of a crowded, confused IoT platform landscape?

"Big data, huh, what is it good for?" at the Hadoop Summit

Cisco, CloudLock and the accelerated pace of CASB market maturation

Balancing user experience with security

Veeam: nice guys still finish first

The barriers to being mobile-first

Predicting the unthinkable

Flash Forward, London: refreshing purpose and content

Networking education: leave your comfort zone

A FireEye chat with Kevin Mandia

"Tape" is not a four-letter word

Does the king of CRM need a food taster?

HPE is law-abiding in Las Vegas

Federal cybersecurity boondoggle: the Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP)

Quick take: Symantec buys Blue Coat

Symantec and Blue Coat cybersecurity 3x2

Google's Firebase — back-end-as-a-service

The 5 Cs of data protection

Lenovo enters the storage market with software-defined storage

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): what’s important?

SolidFire and NetApp: happy to be together and apart (includes video)

Loving ONTAP’s potion #9: reducing the cost of flash and simplifying the data fabric

Enterprises are investing in network security analytics

IBM and Cisco partner for edge-to-cloud IoT analytics

What might be Discovered at HPE's June event in Vegas

Software-defined perimeter (SDP) essentials

How is SQL Server still a thing?

The wild west Spark Summit showdown

Citrix Synergy 2016 highlights

Are there workloads that don’t belong in the public cloud?

Why the Citrix and Microsoft partnership is important

Storage and IT finals

Why BaaS when you can DRaaS?

Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure is misaligned with security

Cloud security: a mismatch for existing security processes and technology

Winter is coming...for the storage industry

INTEROP 2016 — interoperate across the stack

IoT World 2016 — an ecosystem in flux

Psycho query: qu'est-ce que c’est?

Next-generation endpoint security market bifurcation

Can new IT exist with old IT?

EMC World – a familiar new song (includes video)

High-demand cybersecurity skill sets

EMC, Dell, Pivotal, Microsoft, and ... Ford?

Mobility technology surplus frustrates information technology decision-makers

Threat intelligence gateways

Cybersecurity plan for POTUS 45

The DevOps reference model

Wrap-up on backup from EMC World 2016 — day two keynote

How to evolve from "data protection" to "data management"

Google organizes hardware business for growth

EMC pivots to public cloud via VirtuStream

A curious reversal is happening around cloud-based big data

If I were the next CEO of Symantec – redux

Network engineers are not an endangered species

Mobility tech: Easy to wow. Hard to how.

OpenStack Summit Day One - Keeping things really weird

Introducing direct scale-out flash: extending the potential of NVMe

Making sense of 2016 OpenStack User Survey. Strange results.

Data is getting boring again

Cybersecurity salary inflation — a red flag

SD-WAN is not just hybrid WAN. Mea culpa.

AV software: “I’m not quite dead yet”

Is OpenStack private cloud weird?

Google's journey to the enterprise

OpenStack as a service — provisioned locally, orchestrated in cloud

Learning about SDP via Google BeyondCorp

ScaleIO 2.0: another step in the journey to the software-defined data center

Happy birthday IBM System/360 — a grandpop cloud system

Cloud security challenges

The economics of SD-WAN and NFV

Vendors under the radar: Syncplicity

Riding high at Strata+Hadoop World

Dell brings VCE into its hyperconverged tent

SimpliVity's OmniStack version 3.5 — primed for Tier-1 workloads

Brocade making a Ruckus (bid)

Data and Identity: Two New Security Perimeters

Wrapping up GCP:NEXT

The ultimate network security tool: NetSlicer

Dell sheds Perot

The death of privacy (by big data)

Partners show the way for customers for Google Cloud Platform

Four ways Google has out-innovated first mover competitors

Flexible support for traditional apps on Google Cloud Platform

Cybersecurity as a business issue

Pure Storage FlashBlade: the all-flash data center just got closer

New wave load balancers by Google at GCP:NEXT

Google's Growing Cloud Analytics Portfolio

Will the new breed of Enterprise Googlers give GCP a competitive edge?

Open Networking Summit 2016 - changing worlds

Software-Defined Architecture: What To Consider

The Endpoint Security Continuum (Part 2)

Pure Accelerate(s)

Open Compute Summit — hyperscale ready

Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Impact on Cloud Computing

Vendors Under the Radar: StorMagic

An analyst's views on product categories and innovation

2016 Big Data and Analytics Spending Intentions Survey

ESG can be your eyes and ears at Google:NEXT

An Abundance of Incident Response Bottlenecks

Vendors Under the Radar: Avere

ESG On Location: Impressions from RSA 2016

Cloud Sticker Shock? Check out Cisco and CliQr.

Before Moving on From RSA…

The network's new role in the data center

DataCore is Rattling Some Venerable Cages

RSA Conference Blue Suede Shoes

Do we still need VM-specific backup tools? [video]

Many Thoughts about RSA 2016

RSA Recap, Part One

Hybrid Cloud Wheel of Fortune – Oracle Snags Ravello Systems

For Big Data, Does Size Matter?

RSA Conference, Day Three

Thoughts from the dark side

RSA Conference, Day Two (with photos)

Cisco's new DNA: A new Digital Network Architecture

Oracle Brings the Cloud Back to Earth

RSA Conference 2016, Day One

EMC Continues its March to Flash

RSA Conference 2016: Day 1

IBM and Apple move swiftly to leverage Swift

Big Data's Big Problem

Cybersecurity Industry To-Do List for RSA Conference

4 Themes Amidst the Noise of RSA Conference 2016

Spark Summit East (Bound & Down)

Network Automation with Ansible: 5 weeks of work reduced to 4 minutes of joy

Anticipating the RSA Security Conference

A preview of our upcoming research on next-generation endpoint security

Apple vs. DOJ Doesn’t Really Matter

Where will Mobility Innovations Match up to CIO Priorities in 2016?

Navigating Next Gen Endpoint Security: A Buyer’s Journey

Looking to RSA Conference 2016: Network Visibility for Precrime, Incrime, Postcrime

AD&D 2016 Predictions: Containers Will Go Mainstream

My Two Cents on CNAP (Cybersecurity National Action Plan)

How IoT Will Drive — and Require — Digital (Industrial) Transformation

Bringing Increased Choice to Hybrid Cloud: Nutanix Version 4.6

Looking to RSA Conference 2016: Network Visibility

AD&D 2016 Predictions: PaaS and DevOps, Where 1 + 1 = 3

Henry Ford and Incident Response

VMware's Cloud Management Platform - Multi-Cloud for the Hybrid Masses

Cloud-Powered Data Protection — Definitions and Clarifications

Microsoft Windows on a Google Chromebook Hosted at Amazon

Heterogeneous Multi-Dimensional Cloud Security

ESG Mobility Passion Transforms Business Behavior

AD&D 2016 Predictions: A New Leader in PaaS?

2016 Mobility Trends that Change Employee Behavior

ESG's In-Depth Mobility Perspective into a Workspace

Cisco Furthers its IoT Ambitions with Jasper Acquisition

Cybersecurity Industry News, 2/2016

Predictions for Big Data & Analytics in 2016

Consumer Security and Consumer Privacy Are Two Separate Conversations

Can Augmented Reality Bridge the Digital & Physical? PTC Thinks So

The first thing to agree on in data protection modernization

This Year in Storage

The Endpoint Security Continuum

RIP, Marvin Minsky

EFSS and security/governance in 2016

EFSS and the MAG vendors in 2016

Security Requirements Are Driving Identity Management

Dell-EMC Buyer Sentiment Research Redux

What Does the Future Hold for VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion?

Container adoption likely to increase across hybrid clouds

2016 IoT Predictions

Plexxi Draws Google’s Attention – and Money

EFSS Market Consolidation in 2016

Welcoming Myself – and IoT – to the ESG Family

EFSS Integration in 2016

Time to Consider User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Can Citrix and Dell Help Businesses Improve Productivity through Better Communication?

Predictions for Networking in 2016

Data Protection Predictions for 2016

Hybrid Cloud Spending likely to increase in 2016

SNIA's NVM Summit - Big changes afoot for Year 2020

PrimaryIO: Quality over Quantity

2016 - A Banner Year for Converged and Hyperconverged Vendors?

Cybersecurity Customer Segments in 2016

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Cutting Through Endpoint Security Marketing Hype is a Challenge for Buyers and Vendors Alike

Taking the Hype out of Hyper-convergence

Qumulo joins the Data-aware Storage Movement

Information Security: The Most Important IT Initiative in 2015

On the Importance of Understanding Interaction Patterns

Will Public/Private Threat Intelligence Sharing Work?

VCE Innovation Delivers Scale, SDN Choice, and Operational Simplicity

The Funding Faucet Is Wide Open for Hyper-converged Businesses

Book Report: @War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex

A Few of the Backup Appliances Examined by ESG Lab

Endpoint Security Meets the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

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SanDisk's InfiniFlash Is a Notable Arrival in the Flash Boxing Ring

Video Blog: Swimming in the Data Lake

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HGST in Agreement to Acquire Object Storage Provider Amplidata

What Makes a Good Backup Appliance - Part 1 of 3

SolidFire's Flames Are Very "Cool"

Challenges with SSL/TLS Traffic Decryption and Security Inspection

Strata + Hadoop World = Big Data x Innovation

Instart Logic Use of Optimization to Disrupt the CDN Market

0% Cybersecurity Job Unemployment in Washington

More on Network Encryption and Security

What’s New in Data Protection from IBM Interconnect 2015

TDWI Gets Fresh

Violin Refines its Pitch to "Software Major" (includes video)

Big Data Deployment Trends (Part II)

Federal Cybersecurity Duplicity

Organizing Principles for Optimization

Enterprises Are Encrypting and Inspecting More Network Traffic

Sorting the Big Data Hype from the Bigger Truth (Video)

Why Copy Data Management Matters

Book Report: Countdown to Zero Day

Big Data 2015 Predictions: Right So Far!

Cloud and IT Transformation Predictions for 2015

SDS and Flash Predictions for 2015

Mobile, OFS, and Collaboration Predictions for 2015

Information Security Predictions for 2015

Storage Systems Predictions for 2015

The Challenges and Benefits of Virtualization Protection

Legacy IT Meets Modern Cloud and Mobility Imperatives

Antivirus Usage Patterns Reveal Hints about Its Effectiveness

Factors Shaping Network Security at Enterprise Organizations

How to Choose the Right Big Data Infrastructure

Data Protection Predictions for 2015

Exciting Data Visualization: Understanding the Federal Budget

Endpoint Security Has Grown More Difficult and Tedious

Dell Debates Big Data in 1, 5, 10 Years

Is it time for two CISOs at enterprise organizations?

Will Software-defined Networking Bring a Change For The Better in 2015?

Welcome Back, Veritas! The Truth Is Still the Truth

Enterprise Organizations Replacing Commercial Antivirus with Freeware

You Can Prepare for Tomorrow's IT Disaster Today

Oracle Re-engineers Big Boxes for the Data Center

Grading the President’s SOTU Cybersecurity Agenda

Information Security Tops the List of Business Initiatives Driving 2015 IT Spending

Maximizing the Difference: A Better Way to Understand Developer Needs

Endpoint Security Activities Buzzing at Enterprise Organizations

IT Data Center Infrastructure Convergence Predictions in 2015

Top Five (ish) Storage Predictions for 2015

New Research Data Indicates that Cybersecurity Skills Shortage To Be a Big Problem in 2015

The Year Ahead in Data Storage

What Should the 114th Congress Do About Cybersecurity in 2015?

Top Trend Predictions for Big Data in 2015 (Part III)

Top Trend Predictions for Big Data in 2015 (Part II)

Top Trend Predictions for Big Data in 2015 (Part I)

Last Minute Cybersecurity Predictions for 2015

Sony Baloney

Cisco: See No EVO, Hear No EVO, Speak New Partnerships

NAC Renaissance

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