Dan Conde

Dan Conde

Dan is a senior analyst covering distributed system technologies including cloud computing and enterprise networking. In this era of IT infrastructure transformation, Dan’s research focuses on the interactions of how and where workloads run, and how end-users and systems connect to each other. Cloud technologies are driving much of the changes in IT today. Dan’s coverage includes public cloud platforms, cloud and container orchestration systems, software-defined architectures and related management tools. Connectivity is important to link users and applications to new cloud based IT. Areas covered include data center, campus, wide-area and software-defined networking, network virtualization, storage networking, network security, internet/cloud networking and related monitoring & management tools. His experience in product management, marketing, professional services and software development provide a broad view into the needs of vendors and end-users.

Recent Posts by Dan Conde:

Video: Role of SD-WAN in Network Modernization

ESG conducted research on the drivers, levels of adoption, perceptions and procurement sources for SD-WAN by surveying 300 IT professionals responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing networking technologies

We found out that 3 in 4 organizations are either using or plan to use SD-WAN. So what are the drivers? It's not one thing, but a combination of reasons such as security improvements, increased bandwidth and simplified management.

Topics: Networking SD-WAN

Video: Impact of Cloud Computing on the Network

ESG conducted research on the cloud’s impact on network infrastructure, strategy, and support teams by surveying 300 IT professionals responsible for evaluating, purchasing, and managing networking technologies

We found out that 3 in 4 organizations are actively using a public cloud service today. So what are the IT initiatives that impact infrastructure spending? Obviously, the most important part is about using public cloud computing services , but also interesting is that data center interconnects between on-premises, colocation, and cloud environments are important. Other important issues include cloud security and connectivity to the public cloud, including WAN links used in remote offices.

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KODAKOne: Developing a clear blockchain use case?

Kodak recently announced a blockchain copyright platform, KODAKOne, at CES 2018. Is it a me too product? Does it have a real business use case, and can it succeed?

Amidst the euphoria on cryptocurrency and ICOs, it is worthwhile going back to understand the practical uses for distributed ledgers and cryptographically secured blockchains to see where they can provide true business value.

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A need for Android device compatibility branding

There always is tension between highly curated platforms like an Apple iPhone and an open system such as Android. The same argument was made to compare an Apple Macintosh with Microsoft Windows. What matters most? A wide range of choices (Windows or Android) or a narrow but predictable behavior (Mac or iPhone)? Must there be a trade-off? Why can’t an open platform also provide predictable behavior? Windows today pretty much has good compatibility across a range of apps (the sole exception probably being high performance games) but that was not always the case. Early days of Windows was fraught with unpredictable behavior ranging from device compatibility to app compatibility. That has mostly disappeared...

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A Networking To Do List for 2018

We sometimes see predictions of potential news items this time of the year, but those can be hard to act upon. In a prior post, I discussed major trends, and I now complement that with a list of things to do (i.e., a suggested New Year's resolutions list).

Get up to speed on SD-WAN, cloud connectivity, and network automation.

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ESG Blog: 2018 Predictions for Cloud Platforms and Services (Video)

As 2018 rolls in, we're here to make predictions for cloud platforms. Unfortunately, I'm not here to come up with a present of a crystal ball that predicts all the exciting news to come, so I'm a bad Santa.

However, I do want to discuss some major trends that are underway, and how they may become important in 2018.

  1. Multi-Cloud. Do you want to use multiple clouds based on each one being a best of breed, or perhaps as a specific way for hedging your bets? What are the costs when you realize each has a different set of APIs? Do you redo your work N times over?
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ESG Blog: 2018 Predictions for Networking (Video)

Networking is a conservative area, but it has been undergoing many changes in the last few years. Here are some of my thoughts for 2018. I include an obligatory discussion of SD-WAN since I like to cover it, but who can avoid talking about the cloud (and the cloud is a major driver for SD-WAN)?

I will focus on what you ought to look at and perhaps it will affect your purchase, architecture or deployment decisions.

  1. SD-WAN - We will probably see a choice of deployment models between three different deployment methods (DIY, Managed Service Provider, Major Telcos), which may change the way the products evolve and are used.
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Citrix and an Enterprise Service Mesh (Includes Video)

Citrix has always been a company that provides the glue between disparate enterprise resources. This goes back many years. From app virtualization and VDI, application delivery controllers, or file sync and share, it served as glue to fill in areas where other companies lacked an adequate solution, or provided a multi-vendor solution where other companies, due to a single vendor focus, failed to provide an adequate answer.

As traditional vendors opened to interoperate in a multi-vendor environment, Citrix’s DNA allowed it to stay innovative, even as other firms introduced competing products, such as in remote desktop access.

I attended their Industry Analyst Meeting in Santa Clara, CA, and came away with a view to try to put a framework around their offerings.

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Juniper Networks NXTWORK - Achieving simplicity, removing complexity (Includes Video)

Juniper held its NXTWORK conference in San Francisco last week. There were some announcements that showed this firm's continued evolution to be cloud-centric and to integrate security into its offerings.


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What Presents Can We Expect Juniper Networks to Deliver?

It’s time for Juniper NXTWORK in San Francisco next week. At this time of the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year, it’s the tail end of the conference season and announcements.

What may be in store?

What presents may be in store from Juniper? It’s hard to say, but some earlier announcements on bots provide a hint on how their vision of Self-Driving Networks may start to get realized.

Their trio of new bot-apps: The AppFormix HealthBot for telemetry, Contrail TestBot for auditing, and PeerBot for peering monitoring were recently announced for beta, for availability in the first half of 2018. This may be a hint of things to come.

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