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SOAPA Interview With Rick Caccia of Exabeam- Part 2 (Video)

Posted: July 12, 2017   /   By: Jon Oltsik   /   Tags: Cybersecurity, SOAPA, security operations and analytics

JO_SOAPA_Exabeam2.jpegOld friend and Exabeam CMO, Rick Caccia, returned for some additional banter around SOAPA. Part 2 of our video discussion features:

  1. A discussion about market confusion around machine learning/artificial intelligence for security analytics. Rick explains that AI depends upon pre-built use-cases and that customers must understand what they are (and aren’t) buying when they look at this technology.
  2. How user behavior analytics (UBA) evolves into SOAPA. Rick outlines the transition he’s seeing in the market and how customer needs are driving Exabeam’s architectural R&D.
  3. Security operations automation and orchestration. Rick explains why these tools are in such high demand because of the cybersecurity skills shortage and the need for security operations consistency.
  4. SOAPA integration. Rick agrees with previous ESG guest, Haiyan Song (EVP, Splunk), that security is a “team sport.” This means that SOAPA must be an integrated architecture where no one vendor will likely provide everything. For example, Rick says that Exabeam is frequently asked to integrate with endpoint security and cloud security analytics tools. 

Finally, Rick talks about the road to SOAPA and how customers are changing their security analytics and operations architecture through logical phases.

Many thanks to Rick Caccia and Exabeam for participating in the ESG SOAPA video series. Stay tuned for other industry luminaries soon!

Jon Oltsik

Jon Oltsik is an ESG senior principal analyst and the founder of the firm’s cybersecurity service. With almost 30 years of technology industry experience, Jon is widely recognized as an expert in all aspects of cybersecurity and is often called upon to help customers understand a CISO's perspective and strategies.

Jon was named one of the top 100 cybersecurity influencers for 2015 by Onalytica, and is active as a committee member of the Cybersecurity Canon, a project dedicated to identifying a list of must-read books for all cybersecurity practitioners. Often quoted in the business and technical press, Jon is also engaged in cybersecurity issues, legislation, and technology discussions within the U.S. government.

Jon has an M.B.A. and a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. As an escape from cybersecurity intelligence and technology, he plays guitar in a rock-and-roll cover band.

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