2017 Big Data & Analytics Predictions: Part 3: Pipelines

What's coming down the pipe in 2017? The pipe itself. Expect even more gains around streaming data pipelines, not merely for analytics but for processing too. Market conditions are right and offerings are hitting the needs of more enterprise use cases. Watch the video below to learn more:





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2017 Predictions for Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps (Video)

As is the tradition at ESG, I have made this video with my predictions for 2017 in the three main areas I cover, Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps. For each area, I cover what I think will be one of the biggest areas of discussion in 2017 and what I think will be the end result.

For Systems Management, I cover the need to define what hybrid cloud really is and what impact it will have on the systems management vendors in the space right now.

For PaaS, I cover the state of the on-premises PaaS market, what happened in 2016, and what I think will happen in 2017.

For DevOps, I go over the keys for adopting DevOps in enterprises for 2017 and the challenges companies will face in DevOps adoption.

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Cloud Computing: Predictions for 2017 (Video) - Part 2

At ESG, I get to work with an amazing team of other analysts, a couple of whom also cover cloud computing. We have put together a three part series of our predictions for 2017 with respect to cloud computing.

In this video, which is part 2 of 3, I interview Terri McClure, who covers cloud infrastructure, including converged and hyperconverged, and Dan Conde, who covers cloud platforms and networking.

For cloud infrastructure, I ask Terri about the impact that public cloud has had on the converged and hyperconverged market, and whether those on-premises systems can really offer the same capabilities as public cloud.

For cloud platform and networking, I ask Dan about how the two big competitors in public cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure, will change in 2017. Will they continue to grow as they have or will the balance shift any? Will another competitor arise to challenge them or will AWS and Azure close the market into a pure, two horse race?

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2017 Big Data & Analytics Prediction: Part 2: Machine Learning (Video)

It doesn't take a supra-genius AI to predict that machine learning will continue to get better this year. Yet, there is a disconnect between the public Hollywood view of technology and the current limitations. Check out the video below for my ideas on how the gap will begin to narrow:






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Cloud Computing: Predictions for 2017 (Video) - Part 1


In this video, I interview Edwin Yuen and Terri McClure on their thoughts on cloud computing for 2017.

Edwin covers systems management - including on-premises and on public clouds.

Terri covers cloud infrastructure – including converged and hyperconverged systems.

If you are wondering about these burning questions, our experts proffer their opinions.



  • Systems Management: What will be the positioning between the traditional system management vendors and cloud born vendors? Or can any company meet the needs of managing both traditional apps and the new approaches -- and provide a full solution? Watch Edwin give his answer on whether convergence can exist!
  • Hyperconvergence: Is there a tension between public cloud and hyperconverged systems? Is this a zero-sum game, or will hybrid approaches win over? Battle or peace? Terri shares her views!

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2017 Enterprise Storage Predictions (Video)

With 2016 behind us, I recently had some time to sit down and record my thoughts on the storage industry for 2017. While I do not wish to spoil the predictions in the video too much, there are a few key points that I would like to make to set the stage.

  1. Public cloud services are fundamentally transforming the storage industry, to a point where the industry could look very different in five years.
  2. In response, on-premises storage solutions have seen insane levels of innovation over the past couple of years, in technologies such as all-flash, hyperconverged infrastructure, and software-defined storage.
  3.  However, the multi-billion dollar question is, “Is it enough?”
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2017 Big Data & Analytics Predictions: Part 1: The Cloud (Video)

It still feels strange to write "2017" on checks, but that's probably because checks are a financial anachronism at this point. In any case, a new year is well upon us, and that means we need to be looking forward to the three biggest big data and analytics trends that will impact our industry of insights. First in the series today is all about the public cloud. Watch the video below for my hot take:

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ESG 2017 Predictions - Cybersecurity, Part 2 (Video)

This is the second in a two-part video series from my colleague Jon Oltsik and I discussing cybersecurity topics on our radar screen for 2017. In contrast to the breaches of 2016 we note some of the truly great work by the collective white hat community, the need to secure at cloud scale, market segments ripe for consolidation, the role of SIEMs in the emerging security operations and analytics platform architecture (SOAPA), as well as a few off the radar screen threads. With RSA Conference earlier on the calendar this year we’ll be sharing some pre-show thoughts in the next few weeks and look forward to seeing everyone at the renovated Moscone Center in February.

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ESG 2017 Predictions - Enterprise Mobility (Video)

The pace of technology change and fascinating business innovations were the highlights of 2016, but I think we are just starting to see how mobility is impacting the world. I’m excited to watch the blending of old and new technology inside of businesses as they look to deliver a high quality secure experience for end-users in 2017. My curiosity is piqued in many areas for the coming year, but I took a moment to highlight these topics in the following video.

  • Cloud-hosted workspaces
  • Threat management enablement
  • A new generation of IT decision makers
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Predictions For Storage in 2017 (Video)


In all the excitement of Thanksgiving...that rolls to Black Friday...that increasingly seems to merge with Christmas, it's good to remember another tradition for this time of the year.....it's time to make some industry predictions!

The data storage industry is my main "beat" - and one way or another has been for three decades - so it is fascinating to watch it changing so dramatically. Some of the changes are probably somewhat obscured from those users that are - perfectly justifiably - still on the venerable "iterative-technology-generations-track," but the changes need to be watched closely by everyone because they hold huge potential for better business outcomes - which means that in a few years the traditional approaches to storage probably won't actually be a choice, even by default.

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