HP's New All-Flash 3PAR Is 'All-Integrated' Under Existing Management Umbrella

As most of my recent blogs have demonstrated (and a few more will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks) we are right in the midst of the IT vendor event season. One of the bigger events is HP Discover, the venerable vendor’s annual customer and partner shindig. One has to feel a little sorry for taxi drivers in Vegas this week – after all there are at least two (that I know of) large IT events going on this week…and it’s not that easy for the uninitiated to strike up a conversation with all us geeks about low latency or the pleasing reduction in the use of quiescing as a ‘Plan B’ management tool: they’ll be glad when the porn, cars, and music award events are back, I’m sure!

Meantime, back to the topic in hand…

HP is of course an extremely diverse organization, but I’m mainly going to focus my comments on what it is doing in storage. That said, much of the commentary here centers on the company’s embrace of converged IT…something it loves as only an extremely diverse vendor can! Now, HP also loves its opportunity in storage as only a company that hasn’t historically fulfilled its potential well can. Much as HP has had some very robust storage successes down the years (think MSA, XP, and EVA) at HP success is a relative thing. To smaller organizations the literally hundreds of thousands of the above systems that have been sold would be great. But at HP the company’s share of the external storage market has for many years dramatically trailed its market share in servers and blades – meaning that it wasn’t even gaining what should have been its ‘captive’ share in storage. However, more recently, the situation has been showing signs of improvement – there’s been the acquisition of 3PAR, and the focused strategy of a renewed management team.

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Making HP Matter

It’s perhaps odd that I chose the title I did for this blog. Obviously it’s a none-too-obscure play on words to HP’s current "Make it Matter" tagline….but it’s also an acknowledgement that even this $100+BN behemoth has had to stretch for relevance for a few years. From a leadership perspective, HP didn’t matter much for a while (even though many wanted and willed it to)—or at least that was the perception; and that was also sad for a company founded on a DNA of innovation.

Last week’s HP Analyst Event was something of a coming out for a newly confident and assertive HP. The event had skipped a year—testimony to the rough ride that preceded it. But, boy, did it now feel different. Having been to this event a few times, I’m always struck, and reminded, of just how BIG and diverse HP is—everything from 3PAR to Moonshot servers, and from tablets with Beats audio to toner. But my realization hasn’t always been a positive one, indeed in past years ‘big’ has seemed corporately almost powerless, and self-justifying. This year—and I don’t think it was just Kool Aid in the water fountains—"big" felt powerful, and confident.

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