Is the World Ready for the Intersection of Software-defined Networking (SDN) and Network Security?

A few years ago, software-defined networking (SDN) was an esoteric concept driven by academics. Some networking vendors were intrigued but many looked at it as nothing more than a science project. Fast forward to 2013 and networking vendors are tripping over each other to pledge their SDN support and crow about their SDN strategies.

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Nicira "Opens" Up About its Virtual Networking Plans

Earlier today, Nicira publicly emerged as a company from stealth mode with more than just an idea, but with a product and several customers actually using it. While many find that approach old school, I like the fact that they are more than just PowerPoint slides and buzzword bingo press releases. I like that they waited to publicly announce the company until they had built a working product and actually sold it to some customers. I wish more companies would do that.

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