Will ONS Help SDN Cross the Chasm?

The RSA security conference was once limited to discussions around encryption algorithms and cryptography, attracting a limited and highly technical audience. Likewise, VMworld was once a Mecca for software developers and testers only.

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What I Like About HP's Virtual Application Network (VAN) Announcement

Pity poor legacy networks. There's a tremendous amount of change going on with everything that connects to networks - mobile devices, virtual hosts, cloud computing applications- but networks have remained static, inflexible, and technically esoteric. This dichotomy leads to a situation that ESG calls "network discontinuity"-legacy networks just can't keep up with modern business and technical requirements.

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Anticipating the Open Networking Summit

We are a few weeks away from the Open Networking Summit (www.opennetsummit.org) which will be held in Santa Clara April 16 through 18.

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Data Center Networking Discontinuity

Why did dinosaurs become extinct? I'm no paleontologist but allow me to provide an over-simplified explanation: When the environment went through radical alterations, dinosaurs couldn't adequately adapt to these changes. In a binary, "adapt or die" world, the dinosaurs died.

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