In Conversation with Aruba's Larry Lunetta at Atmosphere 2018 (Video)

I recently attended the Aruba Atmosphere conference. As my blog and the ESG On Location Video report from the event (that I did with my colleague Bob Laliberte) both cover, this was definitely a cross between a tribal event and a family reunion, wrapped in the feel (but not the purpose) of a sales kick-off! Bob’s blog from the event does a good job of suggesting how broad the range of coverage and announcements was. That said, vendors in IT can often continue to be perceived by their initial offerings rather than their complete abilities. In that light I sat down to chat with Larry Lunetta, the VP of marketing for the security side of Aruba.

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Aruba Creates an Infectious (in the good sense!) Atmosphere -- includes video

I must say that any place where being an “airhead” is a good thing is probably going to get my attention! At Aruba’s Atmosphere event, the airheads (Aruba user-community members) are what it’s all about. It’s easy to dismiss such terminology as just an amusing collective name except for two simple facts: first, there’s a lot of them….tens of thousands globally with plenty of them milling around the Mandalay Bay; and second the flip side to such a name cannot obscure the “raving fan” aspect that seems to permeate this company and its culture. Yes, I’m well aware that most attendees were actually Aruba customers, but the event retained the feel of a sales kick off (you know, the “we’re all in this together” type of atmosphere).

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Aruba - Driving Innovation to the Intelligent Edge

Last week Mark Peters and I attended the Aruba (an HPE company) Atmosphere event in Las Vegas. It has been three years since Aruba became part of HPE and officially took over all campus switching from HP.

So, you may ask, how are they doing? Well, as it turns out, they are doing pretty darn well. According to CEO Keerti Melkote, Aruba has achieved 15% growth to result in 2.5B in 2017, with a nearly 50/50 mix of wired to wireless (perhaps a tad more on the wireless side). All of this results in Aruba having about a 20 percent market share.

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Exploring the Intelligent Edge at Aruba Atmosphere

Mark Peters and I are looking forward to joining more than 3,000 networking and security professionals at the HPE Aruba Atmosphere conference being held next week under the glittery lights of Las Vegas. It will be great to hear about the latest developments from the Aruba team – which, according to last quarter’s published earnings results, showed strong results, posting a 9% increase. This is the group responsible for driving innovation in campus networks, wireless LAN, and security solutions. I can’t help but think that one of the key reasons this acquisition by HPE has gone smoothly and has been able to achieve impressive growth is because its founder (Keerti Melkote) stayed with the company during the transition and is committed to keeping the company’s culture intact.

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Has Mobile Computing Had a Positive Impact on Cybersecurity?

I’ve heard the same story from a multitude of CISOs: “As soon as we agreed to support BYOD and mobile devices, all hell broke loose!” How? All of a sudden there were hundreds or thousands of new devices accessing the corporate network. Many of these devices were employee-owned, unmanaged, and full of questionable applications. What’s more, users were now working on multiple devices and moving sensitive data between Windows PCs, iPads, Android phones, and a slew of online file sharing sites like Box, Dropbox, and iCloud. Holy threat and vulnerability, Batman!

Most enterprise organizations are now way past this early period of mobile security chaos. Yes, there are still plenty of challenges associated with mobile computing security, but did preliminary mobile computing anarchy have any positive impact on information security in the long run? In other words, did the initial mobile computing fire drills actually help CISOs recognize risks and address systemic weaknesses?

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Next-generation wLANs will drive productivity gains

As our vendor clients already know, I’ve been busy surveying over 20 enterprise wireless LAN providers to learn more about their wLAN offerings and support plans for 802.11ac, BYOD, UC, etc. for ESG’s upcoming wLAN Market Landscape Report. I’m happy to report that from the supply-side, there are plenty of innovative enterprise wireless systems to choose from and a very competitive marketplace. And we will be fielding our enterprise wireless networking survey shortly, so we’ll be able to better match enterprise wireless needs to vendor offerings.

However, I do have concerns about the demand-side, where many enterprise CFOs are still concerned about continued economic uncertainty, and are holding the line on IT budgets. Recently, change in information and communications technologies (ICT) seems to be accelerating toward light-speed, but many CFOs just want to spend to keep the lights on in the IT department. Organizations that don’t invest in new IT technologies will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage - period.

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