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In Closing: Four Strata Winners Address Sort and R

Posted: March 13, 2013   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: Big Data, Data Management & Analytics, Enterprise Software, Teradata, strata, aster

In a previous blog I fashioning-hadoop-distributions-for-the-enterprise-strata-sphere/index.html" target="_blank">examined the new Hadoop distributions that were unveiled around the time of the Strata Santa Clara 2013 conference. Not wanting to give short shrift to other announcements around the conference, here are four other winning and/or particularly creative unveilings. Note that not every related announcement was listed on the Strata Santa Clara 2013 home page, and not every announcement came out through a press release. My winners had to do with two subtle but fundamental subjects in the big data space, sorting, and R. Without further ado:

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At Least a Billion Good Reasons to Pay Attention to Not Only SQL Databases

Posted: December 11, 2012   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Data Management & Analytics, Enterprise Software, database, Oracle, google, NoSQL, Teradata, sap, MongoDB, aster, Amazon Web Services, 10gen, Greenplum

We just published an in-depth market landscape report called Beyond RDBMS: Not Only SQL Challenges the Status Quo. While the full report is only available to private customers, here is an infographic that highlights some of the key findings about the nature of the Not Only SQL database market.

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The Big Data Platform Metamorphosis

Posted: October 30, 2012   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: IBM, Storage, EMC, Analytics, Big Data, Data Management & Analytics, IT Infrastructure, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Teradata, MapR, business intelligence, aster, hadooop, Greenplum

Many key big data suppliers have moved beyond the piece-part larval form, shed their respective skins to varying degrees, and are in the process of blooming into big data platform butterflies. Which vendor(s) will emerge as the stunning Blue Morpho of big data butterflies remains to be seen. The elements of what a big data platform consists of, while still somewhat hazy and varied based on what an organization thinks it wants to accomplish with big data, seem more sharply defined than six months ago. Suffice it to say that a transmutative race down a path of platform evolution is well under way, driven by the recognition that most enterprises will not invest in too many big data piece-parts. Consider some of the offerings and announcements, many of which have appeared around or during the past crazy data conference week:

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The Big Data Week That Already Is: Platforms and There's An App for That

Posted: October 22, 2012   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: Storage, Big Data, Data Management & Analytics, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Software, Teradata, aster, appliance

This is the week! Between the Teradata Partner Conference, Strata/Hadoop World, and IBM Information on Demand, with some little analyst-firm hosted event down in Orlando, the marketing and communications teams of big data vendors must feel like they are spinning out of control. The flood of press releases announcing the next big thing in big data have already begun, but two key themes already seem to be emerging:

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