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VMworld 2017: The Year of the Cloud

Posted: September 05, 2017   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Hybrid Cloud Storage, EMC, VMware, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Dell, AWS

clouds.jpgIf you missed VMworld this year, let me attempt to summarize the key themes; Cloud, Cloud, and more Cloud. Officially, VMworld delivered a message of “any app, on any cloud, to any device,” and included themes of mobility and data security. After the moment in the keynote when VMware’s Pat Gelsinger hugged Andy Jassy of Amazon Web Services, however, the only thing that the on-premises infrastructure providers in the audience heard was the word, cloud.

The newly announced capability, VMware Cloud on AWS, is an on-demand service that enables applications to run across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to AWS infrastructure along with some of its services. At a higher level though, the announcement delivers the perfect statement that the hybrid cloud is here and it is here to stay. These two companies that just a short time ago were seen as competitors have now joined forces. The bulk of the questions that will emerge from this announcement, however, will not have to be answered by the public cloud, though. It will be the on-premises infrastructure providers that will have to respond.

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With Trust Established, Security Less of a Focus at AWS re:Invent 2016

Posted: December 05, 2016   /   By: Doug Cahill   /   Tags: Cybersecurity, AWS, Trust, AWS re:Invent

security_lightswitch.jpgSecurity has been a pillar of the Day 1 keynote in each of the four AWS re:Invents I’ve attended, with new partners and services rolled out to assuage concerns that the cloud isn’t secure and to convey that AWS takes security very, very seriously. Not this year. Security was a modest part of the Day 2 keynote. As a security analyst, I couldn’t help but feel a bit bummed out, but I get it—there’s a bigger context here: the maturity of cloud adoption and its role in contemporary business models.

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VMware and AWS are Enabling Hybrid Cloud with a Common Platform

Posted: November 22, 2016   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: VMware, hybrid cloud, AWS, Amazon Web Services, common platform hybrid cloud, Systems Management


cloud_in_hand.jpgHello again! This is part 3 of a series of blogs I am writing about hybrid cloud and systems management. In the previous part, I talked about how hybrid cloud was clearly underdefined in the industry and I laid out three specific types of hybrid cloud. Those types were:

  • Common Platform – Where the base infrastructure and virtualization platform are the same, allowing the common use of existing management tools and processes.
  • Common Applications/APIs – Where the end applications or application APIs are the same, allowing common applications to be developed across different platforms.
  • Common Management – Where the management tools have the capability to manage all the different environments, with a common interface and process.

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Amazon's Strategy of Operational Excellence

Posted: October 14, 2015   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: Amazon, AWS

cloudIn the wake of the 4th annual Amazon Web Services (AWS) user conference, AWS has finally emerged as a leader in cloud infrastructure and platform services. AWS now has over 1 million active customers and year-over-year growth in EC2 instances, data transfer, and database use that is close to 100% as of 2015 Q2. AWS did $4.6 billion in revenue in 2014 and expects to see $7.3 billion by the end of 2015 which is close to 60% growth. Amazon is now adding over $1 billion in new revenue per quarter. It’s rare to see these kinds of growth rates in a business that is closing in on 10 years old. This shows the transformative effect that cloud services are having on the IT business.

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Amazon AWS and Rackspace - A Cloud Hole-in-one?

Posted: October 06, 2015   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: cloud, Amazon, AWS, Rackspace

golf caddyFrancis Ouimet had Eddy Lowery, Tiger Woods had Steve Williams, Jordan Spieth has Michael Greller, and now AWS users have…Rackspace?

 Behind every golf phenom is a silent partner. That even keel caddy that brings the right blend of wit, wisdom and instinctual insight and advice to help propel his or her wunderkind to the top of the leader board. Like these unsung heroes of the fairway, Rackspace too is now bringing caddy-like concierge services to bear to help businesses leverage AWS for grand slam success in the cloud.

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AWS' 3-Part Formula for Driving Agility in the Cloud

Posted: July 10, 2015   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: Cloud Computing, Application Development & Deployment, AWS

It has often been said that there is strength in numbers. At the NYC AWS Summit, AWS CTO Werner Vogels flexed Amazon’s collective cloud muscles by pointing out that AWS has 10x the cloud capacity in use than all of the other cloud providers put together. I guess there are exceptions to that old "strength in numbers" aphorism. 

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AWS Lifts The Covers on Zocalo

Posted: July 14, 2014   /   By: Terri McClure   /   Tags: Cloud Computing, Storage, IT Infrastructure, Amazon, AWS, Public Cloud Service

Since I started covering the online file sharing (OFS) market, the big question I get from end-users and vendors alike is "What happens if AWS enters the market?” Of course, they also ask about Google and Microsoft – these are the big three and obvious vendors to ask about, given their infrastructure, cloud offerings, and the incredible price points they can offer thanks to economies of (massive) scale. But the Google and Microsoft online file sharing solutions are already known entities, and AWS (until now) is not. That all changed on July 10th with the introduction of Zocalo, the AWS secure storage and sharing solution.

For the past couple of years, AWS has been increasingly moving up the IT solutions stack – starting way back in 2006 with its first IaaS offerings and fast forward to 2013 and AWS has a pretty broad suite of offerings from compute to networking to application services, databases, and cloud services management – even virtual desktop offerings. Zocalo is a natural extension of AWS’s portfolio – it complements WorkSpaces and positions AWS to be a key IT supplier for next-generation IT (read more about WorkSpaces from my colleague Mark Bowker here).

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2014 Cloud Spending Intentions – Research, Trends, and Analysis

Posted: March 06, 2014   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: Cloud Computing, cloud, IT Spending Intentions, AWS, Public Cloud Service

It’s that time of year again when we publish our IT buyer outlook for the coming 12-18 months. This year, our 2014 IT Spending Intentions and Public Cloud Computing Trends research has some really interesting new twists to it. Here are a few insights …

What got me most excited this year were two new things. We usually collect a tremendous amount of demographic data about the companies who are surveyed – company size, industry, etc. -- but this year we also capture the age of the company itself (i.e., for how many years the organization has been in existence). No big deal right? Well, I can assure you that the data for pre-Internet companies was a lot different when compared to companies born in the web age. We also looked at all of the data by the individual respondent’s age group. Once again, we found some fascinating differences. What’s more, this really gets interesting when it is compared and correlated to the age of the company.

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IBM’s Global (SoftLayer) Services

Posted: January 20, 2014   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: IBM, Cloud Computing, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon, AWS, Softlayer, Public Cloud Service

Last week IBM announced their intent to spend another $1.2B on expanding their SoftLayer-based cloud data centers to 15 new data centers around the world in 2014. This brings the total data center count to 40 data centers globally in 13 countries. SoftLayer has over 22,00 customers and was acquired by IBM in 2013 for a reported $2B. Why does this matter? There are few reasons why this matters for IBM and for their customers:

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An Enterprising Amazon or an Amazon’d Enterprise?

Posted: November 18, 2013   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: Cloud Computing, cloud, Amazon, AWS, re:Invent, Public Cloud Service

I just wrapped up a week out here in Last Vegas at the Amazon Web Services conference re:Invent with some 9000 of my friends. You might think this was just another big tech conference full of nerds (well yeah – I am in pretty good company), but there are some striking differences here.

The first one is Amazon itself – this is a company that has taken tremendous pains to deliver all the services the enterprise wants. They talked a good bit about what they do under the covers with their specialized hardware – but more importantly they really have figured out how to build out a very rich set of services that appeal to expert and novice software developers alike.

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