A Quick Look at HYCU, Backup and Recovery for Nutanix Environments

There isn’t a day without a new comment or report from industry observers about the tremendous adoption and growth of hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI). Recent ESG research indicates that, for end-users, HCI is about efficiency, operational excellence, and cost and that HCI is delivering on its promise to help drive operational excellence. Production workloads are increasingly running on HCIs anchored by Nutanix software. Specifically, our research points to 1 in 3 organizations running at least 30% of their production applications on HCI.

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New Blog on Fiduciary Class Data Recovery

Check out this new blog post that I co-wrote with Mark Peters in which we lay out our ideas about a new data protection requirement: fiduciary class data recovery.

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Better Business Protection – Fiduciary Class Data Recovery


Coauthored by Mark Peters and Jason Buffington

So, it’s is safe to say that everyone “gets” backup – and pretty safe to say that most people “do” backup….to a greater or lesser extent and quality. But in the same way that regular stored data has no actual value (all that matters is when you actually reference and use the stored data, whereas simply having it recorded means nothing), even the world’s best backup is completely without value until it is needed; and at that point the crucial variable is recovery.

The two of us were chatting about this the other day and a casual chin-wag turned quickly from:

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