Real World SLAs Blog Series: Downtime and Data Loss Metrics

Since this is my introductory blog, what better topic than downtime and data loss! One can argue it is not the most joyous topic to cover, but it turns out to be more interesting than my bio and a fascinating subject with far-reaching business and IT consequences. ESG recently conducted extensive research in this space with findings that I will be sharing in this blog series. You can also expect a few briefs and a report on this topic as well on our portal.

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Midyear Check-in on Data Protection Initiatives in 2017 (Animated Infographic)

At the halfway point in 2017, it seems appropriate to revisit the continued momentum around investing in better, more agile, more reliable, likely cloud-enhanced data protection. Early each year, ESG publishes its IT Spending Intentions report, where we look at where organizations are intending to invest their budgets. 

In each of the six years that I have been at ESG, “Data Protection” in one or more forms is among the top of one or more priority lists. 

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Y Evolve Your Data Protection Strategy in 2017 (Video)

Today’s message is brought to you by the letter “Y” and the numbers “1” and “7.”

Most data protection conversations are evolving from “backup” to “recovery” – and to do that, you need to evolve from simply using backup mechanisms to a combination of backups, snapshots, and replicas. And some vendors are there (YAY)!

But then, many vendors, and providers, and partners, and IT teams get stuck at a crossroads – where their data protection strategy must further evolve down one of two paths, with very few vendors able to offer journeys down both long and winding roads: Data Management & Data Availability.

Here is a short video on Y and how your data protection technologies must evolve.

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Why BaaS when you can DRaaS?

The question isn’t as simple as it might seem:

  • There are lots of great reasons to embrace modern Backup as a Service (BaaS) solutions, including governance, extended data preservation, IT oversight of endpoint and ROBO backups, etc.
  • There is also one overwhelmingly great reason to utilize Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) — enhanced availability of servers.

So, the question really is, can you gain a DRaaS outcome from a BaaS solution? And honestly, it isn’t just a cloud-consideration. You could just as easily ask, can you get BC/DR agility from a backup tool?

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Data Protection Predictions for 2016

'Tis the time of year to re-think how you did things before and what you might want to do differently in the future — in life, in IT and in Data Protection. To help you with those considerations, I'd like to share a short video on what we expect the more interesting trends will be in Data Protection in 2016.

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VMware DRaaS Announcements are a Good Thing!

Today, VMware announced enhancements to both its vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. In both cases, VMware is essentially asking, “Why just BaaS when you can DRaaS?” 

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Video Series on Data Protection Appliances – Part 4, Failover BC/DR Appliances

The last installment in our four-Friday video series, based on the recent ESG research report on the Shift toward Data Protection Appliances,   

Part four covers what might be the most interesting, albeit nascent category – failover or BC/DR appliances. While the other three categories are predominantly based on or designed for the same “backup/restore” type methodology, BC/DR failover appliances are more often designed around a replication-centric data mover coupled with some hypervisor or compute-cloud means of “resuming services” instead of “restoring data.”

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You Can Prepare for Tomorrow's IT Disaster Today

This week, many of my colleagues are preparing for Winter Storm Juno. One of my compatriots actually warned his friends on Facebook that he was going to run around supermarket aisles telling folks “We’re all going to die!!

But seriously, it wasn’t that many years ago that IT folks would shrug their shoulders with the acknowledgement that “If you haven’t prepared for this months ago, there is no hope for you now.” And in every crowd, there would be some IT folks that quietly acknowledged that they never got around to preparing for a regional crisis or any other significant IT disruption. Those folks promised themselves that as soon as this weather pattern (or other pending calamity) was over, they would do better. And then the crisis passed and those IT folks spent the first few days afterward catching up on what slowed down during the storm, and then naively continued on without ever really changing their DR preparedness.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure for BC/DR using EVO Rail

Shortly after VMware announced its EVO Rail initiative, whereby hardware partners could start delivering a very dense compute, storage, and networking solution within a wholly-contained appliance – I started exploring the data protection aspects of an EVO Rail solution.  The nice folks in ESG’s video studio have produced a whole series on this … in two-minute increments.

In the earlier video capsules, we looked at the protection of EVO Rail systems in production.  For part 6 in the series, let’s look at EVO RAIL as perhaps the ideal BC/DR infrastructure.

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Happy World Backup Day (early)

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