Ingest to Insight Big Data Vendor of the Year 2012 and 2013 Outlook: Finalists - Cloudera, IBM, Opera Solutions

Do you know in your bones that serious big data analytics, not just BI, would truly help improve your company’s business model, processes, or stimulate your research discovery efforts, but don't quite know where to start? You would do well to give Cloudera, IBM, or Opera Solutions a call. All three of these big data vendors possess a plethora of products, services, and partnerships yielding more products and services, industry domain, and/or data science expertise, and in IBM's case even big data IT infrastructure and cloud. Any of these 3 suppliers will help you develop and implement a big data solution of considerable value for your organization, or even your entire industry. Do not, however, expect your big data effort to be inexpensive – even if you stick with Hadoop.

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The Week That WaaS – BitYota and Redshift

As the industry inevitably marches towards a widening set of cloud services, the layers of the IT onion separate and render themselves “as a Service.” Ironically perhaps, the industry started at the highest layer, applications or SaaS. But PaaS is gaining momentum, evidenced by nearly all the most well-known public clouds exhibiting a variety of PaaS and BI/analytics individual service slices, such as:

DBaaS = Database-as-a-Service
INTaaS = Integration-as-a-Service
DEVaaS = Development-as-a-Service
HaaS = Hadoop-as-a-Service, and its close cousin
BDaaS = Big Data-as-a-Service

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Toad Helping IT and Business Make Big, Medium and Little Data Analytics Stock

Toad Helping IT and Business Make Big, Medium and Little Data Analytics Stock

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The 6 Vs: The BI/Analytics Game Changes so Microsoft Changes Excel

Go back over two decades and the number one analytics "client" software was Excel. Excel first supported enhanced charting in Excel 3.0 way back in 1990. Go back over one decade, and despite the onslaught of the Web, Excel maintained its position as premier analytics client software, this time enhanced with pivot table capabilities available in Excel 2000.

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