Will Cisco enjoy the fruits of its ACI launch in 2014?

2013 has certainly been an interesting year for the SDN market. It was chock full of announcements from vendors outlining their SDN vision and roadmap. Probably the biggest and most anticipated announcement came from the current network market leader, Cisco.

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Anticipating the Open Networking Summit

We are a few weeks away from the Open Networking Summit (www.opennetsummit.org) which will be held in Santa Clara April 16 through 18.

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Nicira "Opens" Up About its Virtual Networking Plans

Earlier today, Nicira publicly emerged as a company from stealth mode with more than just an idea, but with a product and several customers actually using it. While many find that approach old school, I like the fact that they are more than just PowerPoint slides and buzzword bingo press releases. I like that they waited to publicly announce the company until they had built a working product and actually sold it to some customers. I wish more companies would do that.

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Data Center Networking Discontinuity

Why did dinosaurs become extinct? I'm no paleontologist but allow me to provide an over-simplified explanation: When the environment went through radical alterations, dinosaurs couldn't adequately adapt to these changes. In a binary, "adapt or die" world, the dinosaurs died.

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