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Video Recap of Black Hat 2015

Posted: August 17, 2015   /   By: Jon Oltsik   /   Tags: Cybersecurity, Black Hat 2015

Blackhat_USA_2015I recently attended the Black Hat 2015 conference in Las Vegas, along with ESG Senior Analyst Doug Cahill and Research Analyst Kyle Prigmore. This video summarizes our impressions of the event. 

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Black Hat Boogie

Posted: August 11, 2015   /   By: Jon Oltsik   /   Tags: Cybersecurity, Black Hat 2015

Blackhat_USA_2015I spent all of last week in Las Vegas at Black Hat 2015. I used to pass on Black Hat, but no longer – it is a great opportunity for getting into the cybersecurity weeds with the right people who can talk about evasion techniques, malware, threat actors, and vulnerabilities. Alternatively, RSA Security conference conversations tend to center on things like IPOs, market trends, and PowerPoint presentations.

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Black Hat Is About Cybersecurity People and Processes

Posted: July 30, 2015   /   By: Jon Oltsik   /   Tags: Cybersecurity, Black Hat, cybercrime, Black Hat 2015

Blackhat_USA_2015Over the past few years, the RSA Security Conference has become a marquee technology industry event. It has really outgrown its humble roots in cryptography and Layer 3 and 4 packet filtering – now RSA is where technology industry bigwigs meet, drink exquisite Napa Valley wine, get a broad perspective of the cybersecurity industry, and do deals.

RSA’s emergence as a “must-attend” technology industry event is a good thing on balance. For one week of the year, business, government, and technology leaders descend on San Francisco and shed a spotlight on the global state of cybersecurity. But while this attention is a good thing, RSA has evolved into a high-level affair, focusing on the “why” questions surrounding cybersecurity.

Enter Black Hat, which takes place next week in Las Vegas. Rather than concentrate further on “why” questions, Black Hat is where you go to explore “how.”

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