An End to "End to End" Big Data Solutions?

Some people like putting together jigsaw puzzles, and some people like buying paintings. Both approaches are pretty popular in the world of big data, though perhaps the nature of analytics in business tends to skew things heavily toward the "some assembly required" side of the spectrum. This is not a trivial problem, but it's a problem that does need to be solved. Connecting data sources, preparing data, developing analytical models, sharing any normal workflow, there are a number of steps to be taken, and a much larger number of technologies that will come into play.

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How to Win at Non-Trivial Pursuit

If you are reading this blog, it’s already too late for me, but you still have a chance to save yourself. I’ve fallen in with the wrong crowd, and find myself surrounded by an armada of analysts, a ream of researchers, and a cabal of client segment coordinators. There is a door marked “Lab” which emits strange clanking and whimpering sounds, but absolutely no light. Run, whilst you have the chance, you’ve been warned….

Still here? Ok, then. Let’s talk data.

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