Pentaho's Three-Legged Race to Big Data (with HDS)

Pentaho World 2015 was held in sunny Orlando this year, with over 500 attendees, and was by all accounts a friendly and informative affair. About the only question no one could answer is why the company is called Pentaho, but a rose by any other name is still very nice. One thing that was quite clear is that the team is hitting its stride with HDS as a powerful running mate.

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A Striated Strategy at Strata

Just home from the latest Strata+Hadoop World in NYC, with over 6,700 participants and at least 150 vendors, and I wanted to share some reflections on the event and the big data market as a whole.

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An End to "End to End" Big Data Solutions?

Some people like putting together jigsaw puzzles, and some people like buying paintings. Both approaches are pretty popular in the world of big data, though perhaps the nature of analytics in business tends to skew things heavily toward the "some assembly required" side of the spectrum. This is not a trivial problem, but it's a problem that does need to be solved. Connecting data sources, preparing data, developing analytical models, sharing any normal workflow, there are a number of steps to be taken, and a much larger number of technologies that will come into play.

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Microsoft Invites You to Spark IT Up

Who builds the world’s most popular tool for analyzing data? Did you say Microsoft? Good. For most anyone in business, Microsoft Excel is where we get started around business intelligence, though we may not typically call it that. From this humble beginning, many graduate on to much more sophisticated solutions. What not everyone realizes is that Microsoft is capable of supporting you even as you go to much greater depth. At the recent Ignite event in Chicago, Microsoft made the case that day will improve worker productivity, especially around data insights and collaboration, with an extremely deep portfolio of complementary technologies.

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Leaders' Perspectives on Big Data Initiatives: Business Goals

Big data continues to fascinate business leaders across all industries. Yet few agree on a standard definition, much less a best approach to capitalize on the new opportunities and how to leverage new technologies. To better understand the differing perspectives, ESG undertook a series of in-depth interviews with the self-proclaimed leaders of big data initiatives at ten different companies. The goal was to establish a baseline of the most common strategies, as well as identify the philosophical and environmental differences that lead to more distinctive efforts.

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Strata + Hadoop World = Big Data x Innovation

The recent Strata + Hadoop World show in San Jose was again a fascinating cross-section of the larger big data and analytics market space. Watch our "man on the scene" video or read on below for some quick highlights. Note: the one-side flared collar is a fashion fad you saw here first!

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TDWI Gets Fresh

I'm a "big data" guy, in the broadest, most aggressively futuristic sense of the term. So when Tom Davenport opened the TDWI keynote saying he doesn't like the Kardashians and he doesn't like the term "big data," I was alarmed. Was this going to be another grandpa-style lecture on how business intelligence and data warehousing didn't need any of them new-fangled gizmos? You know the spiel, "Back in my day we did analytics on the way to school, for 10 miles, uphill both ways, in the snow, without shoes, and we were happy to do it!" When he started on his history of decision support analytics, I began to wonder if there there any earlier flights available out of Las Vegas that day....

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Big Data Deployment Trends (Part II)

In my first post of this blog series on big data deployment models, I discussed some of the fundamental choices enterprises must make and shared a somewhat tongue-in-cheek flowchart to help people think about their options on how to host a new big data environment.

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Sorting the Big Data Hype from the Bigger Truth (Video)

Here at ESG, we keep exploring the broader big data, business intelligence, and analytics market space. We do this because there is a lot of hype, FUD, and confusion out there, and because we're just naturally curious dudes. Our latest report has just come off the printing presses (ooh, love the smell of warm ink!)

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Big Data 2015 Predictions: Right So Far!

At the start of the year, about 6 weeks way back, I made a number of predictions about the big data, business intelligence, and analytics market. See my previous posts herehere, and hereWhile it may seem early to measure the results for the current year, from this collection of recent vendor announcements it sure looks like the accuracy will be proven out! 

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