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Dell EMC World – ESG’s On Location Video Insights

Posted: May 16, 2017   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, channel, Data Protection, Digital Transformation, Dell EMC World

Dell-EMC-World-2017.jpgWhile Dell EMC was busy in Vegas last week talking about Digital Transformation (of organizations) and the IT Transformation (of, duh, IT) that underpins it, many of us were equally interested to see what had, and is, transformed within Dell EMC itself…..the portfolio, the approach, and people’s attitudes (both employees and customers).

I’ll keep this brief because the video we made at the event is a full 7 minutes – but, knowing that in advance, hopefully you’ll find it a valuable 7 minutes as you’ll get succinct insights from not just me but also four of my colleagues - Jason Buffington (on DP), Scott Sinclair (on storage platforms), Terri McClure (on converged platforms), and Kevin Rhone (for the channel perspective).  

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2017 Channel Acceleration Awards - Part 2

Posted: February 08, 2017   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: Microsoft, channel, Digital Guardian, pure storage, esg channel acceleration awards

ESG-Channel-Acceleration-Award-2017.pngOK, we’re back… If you are just joining this series, you can check out the previous post and award winners here! If you are back for more, here we go...

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2017 ESG Channel Acceleration Awards - Part 1

Posted: February 07, 2017   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel, Citrix, trend micro, Actifio, esg channel acceleration awards

ESG-Channel-Acceleration-Award-2017.pngOne of the really cool parts about my job is that I get to see, meet, and hear from lots of experienced, focused channel leaders who are constantly trying to pull all the levers at their disposal: technology and product sets, program elements and options, resources and teams… in order to earn and receive more than their fair share of time and attention from IT partners of all types. And that’s not just any old IT partners, but the same ones who all the other b channel leaders are trying to gain time and attention from. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

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…and they wonder why IT partners aren’t seeing blue skies in the cloud

Posted: December 20, 2016   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel, cloud, channel partner



Our vendor clients tell us they have a problem: How do I get my partners to sell more of my cloud solutions? Recent announcements by the big cloud providers may point to some reasons why.

#1: On day one of the recent re:Invent conference, Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services (AWS) sent a warning shot to the room full of IT partners: 

"The reality is we are going to direct business to our partners who are committed and who really understand the platform because our customers want partners who understand the details of our platform," he said. "I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't have other partners, that you should dump your other partnerships, but I am saying that I think a strategy of hedging is the wrong one for this time.”

Translation: Nice to see you, but you better get on the AWS train or risk being marginalized!

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In Politics (as in Channel Partnering), It’s All Personal

Posted: November 10, 2016   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel, channel partner

People Together-7.jpgOK, so here we are at the end of a too-long, too-painful election process. No matter who your candidate was, or whether you are depressed, elated, nervous, excited…or some combination of all of the above, lets’ talk about how we move forward and reflect on what we've learned.

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Is gamification in your training and sales enablement vocabulary?

Posted: September 30, 2016   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel

gamification.jpgThere is a new way for vendors to encourage channel partner engagement with their products, and it’s called gamification.  When I first heard this term I was like, game-if-a-what?  Now it’s a term that has been accepted as sales enablement lingo, but usage (or implementation) seems to be a mythical as the jackalope.  

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Vendors Need to Rethink Their Channel Programs

Posted: June 08, 2015   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: channel, Data Protection, Information and Risk Management, channel partners, channel partner

In recent ESG research on data protection personas, methods, and channels, ESG looked at ‘who’ is affecting data protection, including IT operations, DBAs, vAdmins, file/storage admins, non-technical stakeholders, and channel partners.

While data protection has historically been very channel-driven, or at least channel-accelerated, recent data shows that there are disconnects between how IT decision makers use channel partners and how vendors hope that channel partners are being used (e.g., pre-sales advocates of their products/services). 

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Video Blog: The Impact of Software-defined Networking (SDN) on the Channel

Posted: May 02, 2014   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel, IT Infrastructure, Networking, channel partners, software-defined networking, SDN

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Brace yourselves...A seismic shift in IT buying is underway

Posted: July 16, 2013   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel, End-User Computing, IT Infrastructure

Recently, ESG completed a research study of Corporate Knowledge workers from small, medium and enterprise companies across North America. One of the key findings of the research was the changes in how applications are purchased by end-users, and the tremendous impact this will have on the way vendors and their partners sell to that new class of buyer. Note: More than 40% of our respondents are now either influencers or decision makers!

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