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Vendors Need to Rethink Their Channel Programs

Posted: June 08, 2015   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: channel, Data Protection, Information and Risk Management, channel partners, channel partner

In recent ESG research on data protection personas, methods, and channels, ESG looked at ‘who’ is affecting data protection, including IT operations, DBAs, vAdmins, file/storage admins, non-technical stakeholders, and channel partners.

While data protection has historically been very channel-driven, or at least channel-accelerated, recent data shows that there are disconnects between how IT decision makers use channel partners and how vendors hope that channel partners are being used (e.g., pre-sales advocates of their products/services). 

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Channeling Positive Thoughts at HP's GPC (includes video)

Posted: March 30, 2015   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: HP, channel partners, storage virtualization

heading_forwardThis month (just slightly ahead of the full-force Spring "show season" that hits in April and May), HP gathered its loyal partner base in Vegas at its Global Partner Conference. My colleague, ESG Senior Partnering Consultant Kevin Rhone, and I were on hand and pulled together another "ESG On Location" video to try to capture some of the key take-aways from our perspectives. 

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ESG Recap of VMworld 2014

Posted: September 08, 2014   /   By: Mark Bowker   /   Tags: Cloud Computing, Storage, EVO, IT Infrastructure, Data Protection, VMware, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Information and Risk Management, channel partners, VMworld, Public Cloud Service

The ESG analyst team headed into a VMworld 2014 with a list of vmworld-2014-top-questions-esg-analysts-hope-to-have-answered/index.html" target="_blank">questions and was met with the high energy of the event the moment we all deplaned at SFO. Each of the individual analysts' key takeaways are included below, following these general observations:

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The Age of Extinction or Evolution for Value-added Distributors?

Posted: May 20, 2014   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: Cloud Computing, channel partners, cloud services, Public Cloud Service

You probably saw my last blog, channel-partner-transformers-the-age-of-extinction/index.html" target="_blank">Channel Partner Transformers: The Age of Extinction, about the drivers channel partners need to evolve their businesses. Well anything that impacts them will impact the community of value-added distributors, as well. In our latest research, Channel Partner Transformation: Selling Cloud Services, we specifically asked channel partners, “How can value-added distributors better assist or augment your organization’s current capabilities as it builds out its Cloud Services portfolio?”

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Channel Partner Transformers: The Age of Extinction

Posted: May 14, 2014   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel partners, IT buyers

I was at the movies this weekend and a preview for the upcoming Transformers movie, called the “Age of Extinction,"was shown. In talking with many colleagues in the world of channel partnering, I can’t help but wonder whether the evolving IT consumption model, the growth of non-traditional IT buyers (in line-of-business) purchasing solutions, and the rapid pace at which IT vendors are developing solutions that don’t fit into the traditional model of a one-time transaction will spell “extinction” for a significant portion of the channel partner community.

Our latest research (Channel Partner Transformation: Selling Cloud Services) shows that the drivers for channel partners to transform their businesses include:

  • The amount of customer demand.
  • The fear of missing out and maintaining their “trusted advisor” status.
  • The declining long-term profitability of traditional business models.
  • The vision and commitment by the business owner/leader.
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Channel Partners: Stuck in Quicksand?…There Is a Way Out

Posted: May 06, 2014   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel partners, IT buyers

Have you ever been stuck in quicksand? Had the anxiety that you were sinking, and the world was closing in? Well, executives at resellers and other channel organizations in the high-tech world are having these feelings as the IT consumption model is changing, non-traditional IT buyers (in line-of-business) are purchasing solutions, and IT vendors are rapidly developing solutions that don’t fit into the traditional model of a one-time transaction with annual maintenance contracts. But despite these winds of change, ESG research shows that only 1 in 5 channel partners are evolving.

So what is holding channel partners back from reaching out, grabbing that branch, and pulling themselves out of the quicksand? ESG’s latest research (ESG Research, 2013 Channel Transformation Survey, November 2013) shows that channel partners are not evolving their businesses more rapidly because:

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Video Blog: The Impact of Software-defined Networking (SDN) on the Channel

Posted: May 02, 2014   /   By: Kevin Rhone   /   Tags: channel, IT Infrastructure, Networking, channel partners, software-defined networking, SDN

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