What I Expect at Cisco Live 2017 - Grand Strategy Coming Together

Cisco Live in 2017 may prove to show to customers and analysts an interesting set of strategic shifts at Cisco. Rather than a set of product announcements, I am looking for strategic directions.

We may see how Cisco’s wide range of assets, from traditional enterprise networking through security and analytics, are coming together to create a holistic infrastructure. This includes Cisco's intent to acquire VIptela to extend its branch office and SD-WAN offerings and portfolio.

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Can Cisco's Intercloud Offering Deliver On Fast IT?

Aesop, an ancient Greek storyteller, is credited with coining the expression, “slow but steady wins the race”.  That ancient wisdom rings hollow in the present-day digital age, where the need for speed is essential to business survival. 

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Cisco Live Recap - ACI is not Cisco's only SDN Solution

After attending Cisco Live last week, I thought of the various product announcements made, and one of the key items is the expansion of their SDN approach.

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The Cisco Chambers Challenge: Disrupt or be disrupted...

Legendary rock band, Aerosmith, closed Cisco Live! 2015 with a high energy performance at Petco Park in San Diego. One of the first numbers they played was “Livin’ On the Edge.” According to outgoing CEO, John Chambers, many businesses are going to be “living on the edge” in today’s digitized world. 


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Looking forward to Cisco Live - Listen to many, speak to a few

I will be visiting Cisco Live in sunny and dry San Diego next week. Cisco has recently announced that Chuck Robbins will succeed John Chambers as CEO along with some additional changes in the executive ranks. I wonder what else will be in store...

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