Amazon and SaaS are winning IT hearts and minds

Amazon Web Services (AWS) seems to be winning more than just IaaS business lately, they seem to also be winning the hearts and minds of the client base they serve. What’s more, these Amazon devotees aren't just limited to newer, “Internet age” companies; they also seem to be making serious inroads with older, more traditional corporations as well. As evidence, ESG conducted a recent survey of existing AWS clients and found that nearly 80% of those Amazon customers that have been in business between 1-10 years and 10-50 years, cite Amazon as either their most strategic technology vendor or one of their most strategic vendors. Even some percentage of older and more established companies (i.e., those 50 years old and up) that otherwise might be considered more conservative and risk averse, identify Amazon as either a strategic partner or valued technology partner.

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Playing the Match Game, with Cloud Services

As more cloud service providers come online, the choices seem to just get harder and harder to make. This one has one technology stack, that one has doesn’t share what technology they are using, this one has white glove support, that one tells you to fend for yourself, this one has a different SLA for each service. And the list goes on. How does an IT department or a procurement department make the right decision when it comes to selecting a CSP?

Several companies have come up with a way to solve part of the problem by providing a service catalog with a broker interface that a company can use to select which cloud service to use for which workloads. While this helps a lot when the person selecting and provisioning them knows what to choose, this doesn’t really help the person who doesn’t know what makes one match their requirements. Finding out the capabilities of different providers can be hard to do – it may be spread all over their website and service catalog/portal, it may be in whitepapers, it may take a sales call. And imaging what all this is like for the procurement person?

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2013 Q1/Q2 CSP and CSM Research Agenda

Since I’ve only been here at ESG for a little over 2 months it has taken me a while to get up to speed on some things. Fortunately for me – the team here has been incredibly supportive. One of my core tasks as an analyst is to perform and publish research. Over the past few months I’ve been heads down working on some cool research of my own and also working with some of the other analysts here. Below is an overview of what is coming out in the next couple of weeks as well as the early part of Q2.

2013 IT Cloud Spending Intentions

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