Cybersecurity: A Priority for the Next POTUS

When the two major presidential candidates haven’t been focused on each other’s personal behavior or legal imbroglios, they’ve tended to discuss a few major issues such as health care, immigration reform, and battling terrorism. 

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Cybersecurity Industry To-Do List for RSA Conference

During his keynote at last year’s RSA Security Conference (titled: Escaping Security’s Dark Ages), Amit Yoran, president of RSA, lambasted the industry as failing its customers. In a related interview with Fortune Magazine, Yoran said, “let’s do things differently; let’s think differently; let’s act differently — because what the security industry has been doing has not worked.”

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My Two Cents on CNAP (Cybersecurity National Action Plan)

I’ve spent the last week reviewing the President’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) first released on February 9. 

The President deserves a lot of credit for addressing some of the more esoteric details related to cybersecurity and national interest. I’ve seen two cybersecurity plans from the candidates so far, one from Governor Bush and the other from Dr. Carson (aside from John McAfee’s that is). The governor’s read more like a few statements rather than a real plan, while Dr. Carson’s was filled with a few high-level promises and some card deck shuffling. CNAP is far more detailed and inclusive than either of these two, demonstrating the administration’s cybersecurity depth and experience.

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