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Why you still need backup … and beyond

Posted: August 12, 2016   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: Backup, Data Protection, CommVault

The foundation of any data protection, preservation, and availability strategy is grounded in “backup,” period. Yes, a majority of organizations supplement backups with snapshots, or replicas, or archives, as shown in what ESG refers to as the Data Protection Spectrum:


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VMworld 2015 Had Some Great Marketing

Posted: September 23, 2015   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: Veeam, Zerto, VMworld, marketing, CommVault, Simplivity, industry events, VMworld 2015, Rubrik

speaker_at_eventThere was some great marketing execution at VMworld 2015.

As a sequel to my blog last year that “Event Marketing Doesn’t Get Enough Credit,” here is my tip of the hat to some of the unsung heroes of tradeshows: the events planners and marketing leaders that ensure that the technology experts and sales folks have compelling venues and leave a strong impression on the attendees, who are hyper-stimulated for four straight days. 

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CommVault’s Future Just Became ‘Cloudy’ – In a Good Way

Posted: May 13, 2015   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: Data Protection, CommVault, disaster recovery, backup-to-cloud

cloud_in_handToday, CommVault announced four new offerings to take its Simpana platform to the clouds in two directions:

  • Backup to the Cloud – enhancing how the CommVault data protection platform can store data within public cloud storage from its Simpana software (via the new Cloud Replication option) or from a CommVault appliance (via the new Cloud Gateway add-on).
  • Leveraging the Cloud – enabling the VMs that have been protected to the cloud to be utilized for Disaster Recovery or Test/Dev purposes.
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CommVault announces “You Can Have It Your Way”

Posted: August 20, 2014   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: Data Protection, Information and Risk Management, CommVault

There is a famous hamburger chain that used to tout, “You can have it your way,” whereby instead of getting your burger fully-loaded (with all the fixin’s), you could choose whether you wanted pickles, tomatoes, or anything else.

For the last two decades, CommVault has been offering a fully-loaded data protection solution that encompassed backup, archiving, replication, snapshots, etc. Over the course of time, and based on customer feedback, it continually added features – just like the burger chains that now add bacon, steak-sauce, grilled onions instead of fresh, etc. The challenge was and is that not everyone wants their burger fully-loaded, nor their data protection solution fully-featured.

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Market Dynamics - Understanding The World We Live In

Posted: March 22, 2012   /   By: Steve Duplessie   /   Tags: Storage, IT Infrastructure, Data Domain, CommVault, Isilon, Compellent

Whether you are a buyer of IT stuff or a vendor trying to build and sell IT stuff, you should pay attention to this lesson. Understanding "market" state and function will help you better understand what you can expect to deal with in your quest - regardless of what that quest is.

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Dell acquires AppAssure

Posted: February 24, 2012   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: Information and Risk Management, Dell, CommVault, Symantec, acquisition

Congrats to my friends in Round Rock ... and my other friends in Virginia ... you've done a good thing!

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CommVault Simpana now offering "One Pass"

Posted: February 01, 2012   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: Information and Risk Management, Jason Buffington, Content Management, CommVault, Search, Archiving, backup-to-disk

Click here to read a new ESG Analyst Brief on CommVault Simpana 9

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