My thoughts on the Dell Annual Analyst Conference 2013

Even though I’m fairly new to all this, I find it interesting when large technology companies hold analyst events. Interesting because the events present a great opportunity for us to learn what the major message and strategy are going to be for the next 6-12 months. Sometimes these presentations are all very slick and polished and hard to get much out of them other than a few good sound bites. It is always important to listen for patterns and in the end, it is more about what the companies we follow do than what they say. Questions that come to mind are things like: Are they all on message? Is there passion and consistency in their strategies? Is it coming from the top down? What’s the hallway chatter around the coffee table? Etc.

This was my first time to Dell's analyst event so I can’t compare it to previous years. What I can say is the event was well run event with excellent access to executives. Heck, I even got to chat face-to-face with Michael Dell himself on the first morning. The presentations were not-kill-you-with-slide-ware, timed well, and had adequate time allotted for questions. All the execs spent time talking to us at the breakfasts, hallway, dinners, etc—the access and candor were outstanding.

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Market Dynamics - Understanding The World We Live In

Whether you are a buyer of IT stuff or a vendor trying to build and sell IT stuff, you should pay attention to this lesson. Understanding "market" state and function will help you better understand what you can expect to deal with in your quest - regardless of what that quest is.

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