vBlog: Everyone Should Archive (period)

Everyone should archive, as a means of data management – because storage (both primary and secondary) are growing faster than storage budgets, so you can’t keep doing what you have been doing. Here is a video on the simple math of archiving/grooming your data.

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Spectra “Deep Storage”: Disk "Pales" in Comparison to Tape Buckets?! - includes video

At its recent announcement event Spectra laid out a bold and compelling move to make tape a more attractive place for organizations to store less-active-but-still-important data for the long term. While it can still be a contentious issue at times (not surprisingly, for some vendors don’t have tape in their portfolio!) the fact is that tape remains the least expensive digital storage media in terms of cost/TB and TCO. However, despite many advances in tape reliability, handling and ease of use over recent years, the tape industry has struggled mightily to shake the image in certain user-quarters of being something you’d want to avoid if you can, and something not well suited to the contemporary IT era.

As the following video shows, that could well all be about to change as a result of Spectra’s DS3 and BlackPearl announcements:

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ILTA 2012: Legal IT Information Management and Security Trends

We’ll review some overall trends and announcements from ILTA 2012 in the ilta-2012-e-discovery-trends/index.html">next few posts. Check our earlier ilta-2012-pre-game-e-discovery-year-in-review/index.html" target="_blank">pre-game for some more recent events and announcements in the space.


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Sailing Beyond RDBMS: C* and DataStax Full Steam Ahead for Enterprise Big Data and Real-Time

What is this C*, yet another derivative of the C programming language? No, C* is the insider's short-cut for Cassandra, the Apache top-level open source database project that has gathered enough steam to draw over 800 attendees, up from 125 two years ago, last week to Santa Clara for the third annual Cassandra Summit, hosted by DataStax. Here's a nice synopsis of the summit. For those of you not yet initiated, however, what follows summarizes the open source Cassandra movement and the DataStax commercially supported version of Cassandra.

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CIOs Should Prepare for the London 2012 Olympics

The London Olympics kick off on July 27, about 5 weeks from now. Naturally, the Olympics represents international competition, athletic achievement, and host-country pomp and circumstance. Great entertainment as always but CIOs and CISOs should pay more than casual attention to the London games for several reasons:

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EMC Acquires Syncplicity, Deepens Mobile Collaboration Solution Set

This week at EMC World, EMC announced it acquired Syncplicity, an online file sharing and collaboration service vendor.

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IBM Acquires Vivisimo as Big Data Search Buys Heat Up

IBM announced plans to buy enterprise search company Vivisimo today. According to statements from Big Blue, the acquisition is aimed at bolstering IBM's already sizeable investment in Big Data analytics with Vivisimo's added federation capabilities.

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Document-based Security Standards: The Time is Now

I first heard the term de-perimeterization years ago from my friends at the Jericho Forum, a UK-based organization of security professionals. Back then the focus was on securing IT when it crossed organizational boundaries. In other words, a highly-secure network perimeter offers little protection if my business applications, services, and sensitive data are consumed by users working at other organizations, with different security policies and controls, residing outside the firewall.

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CommVault Simpana now offering "One Pass"

Click here to read a new ESG Analyst Brief on CommVault Simpana 9

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LegalTech 2012 Pre-Game: Enterprise E-discovery and Information Governance

Today we examine the terrain for enterprise e-discovery and information governance releases going into LegalTech 2012. My previous posts covered the ../../../../../legaltech-2012-pre-game-service-providers/index.html">e-discovery service provider landscape and ../../../../../legaltech-2012-pre-game-attorney-review-tools/index.html">attorney review software and SaaS. Check back for show-time updates when more announcements go public Monday.

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