Password Strength - Pop quiz

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, as posted in a recent blog by Jon Oltsik, I’m taking a detour from network-specific topics by discussing an issue that almost everyone has to deal with, which is “how strong is my password?” Here’s pop-quiz based on a XKCD comic on that topic.

Question: Which one of these two passwords is stronger? (i.e., harder to guess by computer)

  • “Tr0ub4dor&3” (that’s troubadour in leetspeak)
  • “correct horse battery staple” (I inserted the spaces between the four words to make it easier to read)
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Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

As October begins, we in New England look forward to fall foliage, warm days and cool nights. Aside from orange and bright red leaves here in Massachusetts, everyone will see a prominent display of the color pink, as October is also breast cancer awareness month. Finally, if you are a dedicated cybersecurity professional, you may (that’s right, may) know that October is also national cybersecurity awareness month.

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