The New Sexiest Job in IT: Data Steward

For several years, there has been a tremendous demand for data scientists. Businesses and governments got really, really excited about all the possibilities from applying big data, and the data scientist was seen as the most critical role to make it happen. But a funny thing happened along the way. Much of the data scientist’s time was spent on data wrangling, meaning finding relevant data sources, preparing, classifying, integrating, cleansing, augmenting, improving quality, and addressing security, privacy, and governance concerns. Guess what? That’s not data science. That’s data stewardship.

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Analytic Power to the People: Alpine Data Labs & MarkLogic

Last week was the standing room only Data Science Summit, brought to you by Venture Beat, and the message was clear: Big Data is here in force and the elite of the IT world are all over the opportunity. The tech is maturing, the applications are endless, and the results are staggering. The VCs smell money, the entrepreneurs see bragging rights, and it’s the revenge of the nerds. If you can legitimately lay claim to the title “Data Scientist,” this is your time to shine, everyone needs your mad skillz, yo. You can find the answer, then find the question. You can make your employer a fortune in new customer revenues. You can find them a fortune in operational efficiency savings. You can save them a fortune in eliminated risk of bad guesswork.

The problem is this: our saviors are not legion. Few people have the perfect blend of business savvy, IT wizardry, and analytical expertise. So what’s an organization to do? Three strategies are prominently emerging:

  • Bid BIG: find the newly minted data masters and give them whatever they ask. Hire the best and brightest academic minds, and then hope they are half as good as promised.
  • Buy BIG: select a team of experts from a management consultancy, systems integrator, or service provider. Sign the line with a team of hired guns and do everything you can to learn the dark arts before they ask for contract renewal.
  • Go BIG: let your fingers do the walking and pick the product that does the talking for you. As big data becomes mandatory, a few companies are twigging on the fact that there’s got to be a better way. Enter MarkLogic and Alpine Data Labs.
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