The Need for Speed and Automation: Enterprise Storage in 2018 (Video)

Recently, I was able to get some time in front of a camera to discuss my predictions for enterprise storage in 2018. The video is below, but let me provide a brief spoiler with two of the top highlights.

  • Flash continues its dominance with the rise of NVMe: I will talk more about NVMe as the year goes on, but in a nutshell NVMe unlocks the true potential of flash, and that potential is far more than just high performance.
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Expectations for Dell EMC World 2017: Is it One Company or Two?

Dell EMC World 2017, or DEW -- which I honestly hope does not catch on as the acronym/nickname -- is just around the corner. To prepare, I wanted to pull together a short summary of my expectations for the event.

With this event taking place only a few months after the 2016 event in Austin, it is difficult to have high expectations in terms of new technology or a new product introduction. But honestly, I have reached the point with Dell EMC that I expect new technologies to be there when the market needs them. If there isn’t a ton to announce this year due to the short time between this event and the last Dell EMC World, I expect there will be a larger announcement next year. That being said, Dell EMC could certainly surprise me. The combined firm has a wealth of smart engineering talent, so if any company could produce a few new offerings that quickly, it would be Dell EMC.

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HPE gets "Nimble" for $1 Billion

The enterprise storage industry is heating up. Today, HPE announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Nimble Storage. HPE will pay $12.50 per share, for a nice round purchase price of $1.0 billion. The move makes sense on a number of fronts for HPE. The first and obvious benefit is that it injects new life and technology into the storage portfolio. While HPE already had some nice storage offerings including 3PAR and the StoreVirtual lineup, HPE’s overall revenue took a hit last year, with quarterly revenue down over 10% year over year. Although these results were similar across many of the big storage players, it is time to act. 

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My Take on NetApp Insight Take Two in Berlin

The importance of both hardware and software was starkly evident in my journey to Berlin for this European installment of NetApp’s Insight partner and customer event; first it was hardware that kept us grounded at Newark as the refueling of the plane wasn’t working…and then software took its turn as the whole of the New York region’s air-traffic radar went down. Now, if only I and my fellow passengers could have been re-planed and re-routed via some “transportation fabric” a la what can be done with data under the NetApp Data Fabric umbrella! 

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Subduing the data storage growth monster with object

Have you ever seen the movie, Pacific Rim? As a fan of Guillermo del Toro and of science fiction in general, the movie was right up my alley. And with a 72% from Rotten Tomatoes, I am not alone. But what does this movie have to do with information technology and/or enterprise data storage? Hang on a second and I will get to that, but first let me set the stage for any reader who hasn’t seen the movie.

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Storage Systems Predictions for 2015

I sat down recently with ESG's VP of Research John McKnight to talk about what my expectations are for the storage marketplace in 2015:

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Storage 2.0...Coming Your Way Soon

I saw a great quote recently—my friend Richard Heard (the CEO of Red8) uses it in his corporate deck. It is from Jack Welch: "If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”

Boy is this true across a myriad of endeavors…and boy is it a challenge for traditional vendors in the storage industry these days. For years—well, decades—IT organizations have essentially hand-built their infrastructure and systems, combining a multitude of components to achieve their desired and/or required results. Now, admittedly, the components have always been extremely complex and sophisticated—whether they be switches, blades or storage systems—but they are also ultimately dumb until the “white coated magicians” of IT integrate, tune, and give them meaningful-results-oriented life. But this approach—so long the norm—is under attack; instead of people buying seats, engines, and wheels to build custom vehicles, an increasing number of actual car and truck manufacturers (that is, integrated systems, purpose-built appliances, and everything-as-a-service) is arriving...and—just as important—users are testing and demanding such options. People want to transport themselves and their stuff (i.e., run applications and deliver IT and business results) rather than merely build and care for the automotive solution (i.e., infrastructure) that can do so. But wait, there’s more…

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EMC Has Plenty of Storage Aspiration Left! (with video)

Last month (my how time flies!) saw EMC’s annual EMC World event. You may already have seen ESG’s broad-brush video blog that tried to cover some of the key general themes – if not, you can get it atemc-world-2014-initial-esg-analyst-impressions-video/index.html" target="_blank"> this link. The purpose of this follow up blog is to get a little more into the nitty-gritty of the storage specific takeaways from Vegas. Along with my written commentary that follows below, here is another video, as I was able to persuade Barry Ader and Jonathan Siegal to stare into my camcorder from their soapboxes for a few minutes!

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IBM "Edge"s In A Better Storage Direction?

Just recently IBM held its latest "Edge" event - its systems- and storage-focused user conference. Now, those of you that read my blog regularly will know that I often like to have a little time to reflect after these big industry shindigs, before I put my thoughts let the hype fade and to see what's left. Irrespective of how many of these things you go to (and I do plenty!) it's all-too-easy to get caught up in the flurry of announcements (and there were plenty!) and the general razzmatazz and get carried along on the wave of news. I want to try to see the bigger picture, or at least what will be the lasting changes - not so much what gets immediately reported, but what will be impacting a vendor, the market, and users for years to come.

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Video Blog: What Does HP Stand For These Days?

Analyst events are about many things - strategy, product details, tactics, competitive actions, user stories, and corporate measurement statistics, just to give a few examples. Those are some of the factual aspects....but there's also another side to things which is very important. Big events such as this are also about setting a tone, and communicating an attitude.

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