The Delta-V Awards: 20 Companies That Changed Big Data in 2015

Avid readers will have no doubt noticed I've been unusually quiet lately. It's been a busy end to the year, wrapping up a lot of holiday gifts project deliverables for clients. Thankfully, I've also had some extra time to reflect on 2015 and all the big developments in the wide, wide world of big data and analytics. I'd like to share my lasting impressions of the year that was, and to make it even more special, I'm introducing the ESG "Delta-V" awards to give credit where credit is due.

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How to Win at Non-Trivial Pursuit

If you are reading this blog, it’s already too late for me, but you still have a chance to save yourself. I’ve fallen in with the wrong crowd, and find myself surrounded by an armada of analysts, a ream of researchers, and a cabal of client segment coordinators. There is a door marked “Lab” which emits strange clanking and whimpering sounds, but absolutely no light. Run, whilst you have the chance, you’ve been warned….

Still here? Ok, then. Let’s talk data.

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