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VMworld 2017: The Year of the Cloud

Posted: September 05, 2017   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Hybrid Cloud Storage, EMC, VMware, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Dell, AWS

clouds.jpgIf you missed VMworld this year, let me attempt to summarize the key themes; Cloud, Cloud, and more Cloud. Officially, VMworld delivered a message of “any app, on any cloud, to any device,” and included themes of mobility and data security. After the moment in the keynote when VMware’s Pat Gelsinger hugged Andy Jassy of Amazon Web Services, however, the only thing that the on-premises infrastructure providers in the audience heard was the word, cloud.

The newly announced capability, VMware Cloud on AWS, is an on-demand service that enables applications to run across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to AWS infrastructure along with some of its services. At a higher level though, the announcement delivers the perfect statement that the hybrid cloud is here and it is here to stay. These two companies that just a short time ago were seen as competitors have now joined forces. The bulk of the questions that will emerge from this announcement, however, will not have to be answered by the public cloud, though. It will be the on-premises infrastructure providers that will have to respond.

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Cybersecurity Goes Private: McAfee and RSA

Posted: September 08, 2016   /   By: Jon Oltsik   /   Tags: EMC, Cybersecurity, Dell, McAfee, RSA, Intel, Intel Security

security_lightswitch.jpgThere are some interesting industry dynamics going on in the cybersecurity market. Just a few months ago, Symantec bought Blue Coat, taking a private company public and forming a cybersecurity industry colossus in the process. 

Now two other historical cybersecurity powerhouses are heading in the other direction and going private. When the Dell/EMC deal was approved this week, industry veteran RSA became the security division of the world’s largest diversified private technology company. Not to be outdone, Intel and partner TPG are spinning out McAfee as an independent private company.

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EMC, Dell, Pivotal, Microsoft, and ... Ford?

Posted: May 09, 2016   /   By: Nik Rouda   /   Tags: Microsoft, EMC, Big Data, Dell, Data Management, pivotal

emc world big dataLast week was interesting. I spent most of it in Las Vegas at EMC World, which was as much about Dell as it was about EMC itself. There was a ceremonial handoff from Joe Tucci to Michael Dell to lead the new combined entity, but Jeremy Burton was perhaps even more in the spotlight as he outlined the vision.

Much of this vision was about the balance between traditional data center environments and something he called "cloud-native" applications. Substituting "next-gen" for "cloud-native" might be more accurate, as this category included everything from PaaS to big data to containers to hybrid clouds. Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB were cited as examples as cloud-native, which felt odd. Certainly they are cloud-friendly, but they're by no means exclusively cloud-centric. See my last post on cloud big data for more thoughts on this topic.

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Dell brings VCE into its hyperconverged tent

Posted: April 05, 2016   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: Dell, VCE, Hyper-converged

dell vce hyperconvergedDell just announced several new additions to their hyperconverged infrastructure portfolio and, not surprisingly, the bulk of these announcements were centered around their new partnership with VCE.

Prior to this announcement, Dell’s lone hyperconverged offering was its Nutanix OEM “XC” line of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Dell says that they have seen great success with selling the XC — to the tune of 10x year over year sales growth since they began offering it in 2014. So they were eager to dispel any notion that their Nutanix partnership was going away anytime soon.

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Dell sheds Perot

Posted: March 31, 2016   /   By: Steve Duplessie   /   Tags: EMC, Dell, Perot, dell-emc

dell perotThere's a lot of confusion over this announcement, so allow me to explain. Perot does about $3 billion for Dell. It drags no real Dell infrastructure. It’s a bit of an island.

In the new Dell/EMC world, Perot goes away. Dell gets $3 billion in cash. There's no impact to the core businesses, nor to the core services.

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Dell-EMC Buyer Sentiment Research Redux

Posted: January 28, 2016   /   By: Steve Duplessie   /   Tags: EMC, Cisco, Dell, IT buyers, VCE, dell-emc

dell-emc researchAs you might recall, ESG conducted our own research after the announcement of Dell acquiring EMC to find out what actual people — those who buy stuff — thought. At that time, we really wanted to focus on only what Dell and EMC customers thought about the deal. But recently, we conducted some additional research to specifically gain insight into what non-customers of Dell and EMC thought.

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Can Citrix and Dell Help Businesses Improve Productivity through Better Communication?

Posted: January 22, 2016   /   By: Mark Bowker   /   Tags: Dell, Citrix, VDI, Enterprise Mobility, Unified Communication and Collaboration

citrix and dell

Citrix and Dell recently announced a “thin-to-win" strategy, snapped into a Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) solution. And, while some may think VDI is dead (I assure you it’s not), these two iconic companies also popped together a VDI appliance. Here’s the high-level overview:

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The Delta-V Awards: The Big Picture

Posted: January 15, 2016   /   By: Nik Rouda   /   Tags: IBM, EMC, Dell, Data Management, delta-v awards, peaxy, hitachi

big data awardsThe ESG Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Continuing in our series, this time I’d like to recognize those companies that see “the bigger picture” for big data and analytics. These offerings go beyond point products, even beyond platforms, and address the larger context of a real business (or government) environment.

Learn a bit about the Delta-V awards here.

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Handicapping Enterprise Security Vendors

Posted: November 24, 2015   /   By: Jon Oltsik   /   Tags: IBM, Cybersecurity, Cisco, Dell, trend micro, Symantec, Intel Security

tunnel.jpgIn the course of my average work day, I try to read all the cybersecurity news I can. I came across a very good article in Forbes that looks at the cybersecurity opportunities for companies like IBM, Cisco, Dell, and others.  The article points out that the market for cybersecurity products and services is estimated at $77b today, growing to $120b by 2020. That’s a lot of firewalls, AV software, and identity tokens!

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Blue Skies Ahead for Dell, EMC, and Virtustream's Hybrid Cloud

Posted: November 17, 2015   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: EMC, Dell, Virtustream


Scientists claim that aftershocks can continue for decades, and in some instances, centuries after a large earthquake event. In the wake of Dell’s announcement to acquire EMC for a staggering $67B, there have been verbal tremors emanating from some corners of the world of IT punditry and sophistry that speculate this deal will be a seismic bust. 

Speculation and conjecture have their place; however, it would be more ideal if these musings were first cross-checked with the actual facts on the ground or...on the acquisition fault line: customer sentiment. According to a recent ESG survey, 92% of Dell and EMC’s customers expect to maintain or increase their level of spending with the combined company. It’s hard to get a much more bullish signal than that.

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