Dell World - Here’s the answer, now what’s the question?

Assuming that the answer is always—or soon will be—“Dell” is generically how things felt in Austin last week. And I’m not knocking it. Assuming also that the $67 billion deal to buy EMC (oh, and by the way, the controlling stake in VMware that comes with it) goes through, then there will be precious few things in IT to which the new DELL (I’m using capitals because (a) it will be huge and (b) to show the difference between the pre-deal Dell and the post deal DELL!) cannot say, “Yes, we do that.” 

Of course, ironically, with my Carnac envelopes discarded (youngsters reading this will need to Google that reference!), the one thing that was lacking at Dell World was many answers—or at least answers to the torrent of questions and speculative guesses about what things will look like when the deal is done.

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