What Does the Future Hold for VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion?

According to the hyper-connected world in which we operate, it appears that as part of VMware’s layoffs, the company let go a handful of engineers dedicated to its personal desktop products. No disrespect to these VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion engineers, but this looks like a sound business decision based on the overarching VMware EUC strategy and timing of the pending Dell acquisition.

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Businesses Report Significant Use of Desktop Virtualization Technology

Desktop virtualization is an alternative PC delivery model in which applications, operating systems, user data, profiles, and/or entire end-user environments are encapsulated and delivered to or executed on a remote endpoint device. The various desktop virtualization delivery models allow for centralized management, hosting, and/or execution, as well as syncing capabilities that enable local execution on an endpoint device.

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Advanced Business Value with Virtualization Strategies

This video captures the state of server virtualization and the impact it is having in adjacent IT initiatives. I also step through desktop virtualization, network virtualization, and storage virtualization and the potential economic impact these strategies have on the business.

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