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What to Watch About Systems Management & DevOps @ VMworld 2017

Posted: July 19, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: VMworld, DevOps, Systems Management

system-management.jpgIt's always an exciting time as we start looking at the end of summer and the approach of VMworld. This year will be 10 years since I went to my first VMworld. I've seen VMworld grow massive over the years and shift venues back and forth from San Francisco to Vegas, back to SF, then back to Vegas. I know I'll always miss Cannes, although the Palais des Festivals wasn't the roomiest venue. The show is now tougher for me as my kids are now going to school and I have to miss the first day of the year.

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The Challenges Companies Face When Adopting DevOps in 2017 (Video)

Posted: February 10, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: DevOps, Systems Management

Edwin Still.pngIn today's video, I extend upon a topic I covered in my 2017 prediction video, the challenges that enterprises face when trying to adopt DevOps. While it's a seemingly easy topic, it's actually deceptively deep. DevOps is really the big buzzword in IT today, like cloud and virtualization before it. And just like those other two topics, DevOps as a concept needs to mature from the idea to reality. That's the challenges that companies face today and I go into detail about actions that are needed to meet those challenges.

As always, please leave a comment here about the video and this time, what you think the challenges for adopting DevOps in 2017 are.

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2017 Predictions for Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps (Video)

Posted: January 30, 2017   /   By: Edwin Yuen   /   Tags: PaaS, platform-as-a-service, DevOps, Systems Management, 2017 predictions

predictions.jpgAs is the tradition at ESG, I have made this video with my predictions for 2017 in the three main areas I cover, Systems Management, PaaS, and DevOps. For each area, I cover what I think will be one of the biggest areas of discussion in 2017 and what I think will be the end result.

For Systems Management, I cover the need to define what hybrid cloud really is and what impact it will have on the systems management vendors in the space right now.

For PaaS, I cover the state of the on-premises PaaS market, what happened in 2016, and what I think will happen in 2017.

For DevOps, I go over the keys for adopting DevOps in enterprises for 2017 and the challenges companies will face in DevOps adoption.

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Swimming application security upstream with SecDevOps

Posted: July 27, 2016   /   By: Doug Cahill   /   Tags: Cybersecurity, DevOps, application security

secdevopsI used a metaphor during a cloud security webinar this week to explain how SecDevOps is an opportunity to “swim security upstream”, an expression that reminded me of an aspect of being a QA Manager earlier in my career. Our software development process included an acceptance phase, which, for repeatability, we executed by running a set of automated tests through a harness. Too often basic mistakes would be found, resulting in the build being rejected and thrown back over the wall to Dev, as it was back in the days of waterfall.

These inefficiencies highlighted the need to swim quality upstream in the dev process by requiring unit tests before release engineering ran a build and handed it off to QA. Just as was the case with such quality assurance steps, so too often are application security best practices performed late in the cycle, if at all. Enter SecDevOps.

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The DevOps reference model

Posted: May 04, 2016   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: DevOps

Developer_at_computer.jpgGetting started with DevOps or trying to address process improvement in DevOps is almost always a challenge. The reason for this is the importance and complexity of driving change — there will always be people, process, policy, and products that need to be considered, no matter the maturity of your organization.

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AD&D 2016 Predictions: PaaS and DevOps, Where 1 + 1 = 3

Posted: February 17, 2016   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: PaaS, DevOps

As part of my research planning for 2016, I sat down with ESG VP John McKnight to talk about application development and deployment predictions for 2016. PaaS and DevOps have both been around for a decade.

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When APIs and DevOps Meet Cybersecurity

Posted: December 10, 2015   /   By: Jon Oltsik   /   Tags: Cybersecurity, integration, DevOps

Security_IntegrationCybersecurity professionals often complain about the number of disparate tools they’ve deployed on their networks. Ask any enterprise CISO and he or she will come up with a list of around 60 to 80 various security tools from a myriad of distinct vendors.

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