Vendors under the radar: Syncplicity

Next up in my under-the-radar series is Syncplicity. I went back and forth about whether or not to include Syncplicity as an under-the-radar vendor. Certainly they wouldn't have qualified a year ago. But do they now?

An emerging product in an emerging market fighting for budget within EMC is a difficult position to be in. And one of the big story lines from the investors that took Syncplicity private is that Syncplicity has huge potential, but couldn't thrive in EMC because the sales models weren't aligned properly and they couldn't invest for growth. When it came to budget allocations, the products paying the bills got more investment (or Syncplicity's tactical integration with those products was prioritized versus more strategic development efforts).

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EFSS and security/governance in 2016

As the last of my four-part series looking at 2016 in the EFSS marketplace, I spoke with ESG's VP of Research and Analyst Services John McKnight about security and governance in file-sharing.

The short version is that laws have not caught up with technology — while the Internet by definition removes global boundaries, the law still respects them. How do we deal with cross-border governance questions?

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EFSS and the MAG vendors in 2016

When in conversations about the EFSS market, I'm often asked where Microsoft, Amazon, and Google (MAG) fit in the overall landscape. Usually it takes the form of, "isn't [insert MAG vendor name here] going to run away with this market when they get serious?"

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EFSS Market Consolidation in 2016

I've been covering the EFSS market for ESG for several years now, from back when there were only a handful of vendors talking about their solutions to a point when there were hundreds. In any growing market, though, there is some level of (inevitable) market consolidation.

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EFSS Integration in 2016

The new year is underway, and as part of my 2016 planning, I sat down with ESG VP of Research and Analyst Services John McKnight to chat about what I think this year will bring to the EFSS space.

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Thoughts on EMC's Syncplicity Spin-Out

EMC made a surprise announcement today that it is spinning out the Syncplicity division to private equity firm Skyview Capital. EMC will retain a stake in the new company (which will be called Syncplicity), and Skyview exec Jon Huberman will lead the company as the new CEO. Most of the Syncplicity team will move to the new company – though existing leader Jeetu Patel will move on to bigger and better things outside of Syncplicity. The good news is that Jeetu built a strong team and the new company will benefit from his legacy.

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