EMC World – a familiar new song (includes video)

Last week was EMC World, one of the big shows of the year. As many of you will know I prefer to let a little time pass before contributing my thoughts to the blogosphere, simply to let the Kool Aid evaporate somewhat!

Of course, it was something of a strange installment of this event — it is presumptively the last one as the Dell spaceship loomed large and ready to take the EMCers back to the [integrated] future. And yet it was still EMC World; so, while it started a bit like a great band doing a cover of a song it had to do but didn’t really know, pretty soon it settled into a familiar rhythm — bold statements, touches of humor, extensive announcements and a bunch of busy-ness happening all around…

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Wrap-up on backup from EMC World 2016 — day two keynote

There are a lot of things to like about EMC World this year, especially if data protection is important to you. Kudos on the day two general session with Jeremy Burton and Guy Churchward.

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