Dell sheds Perot

There's a lot of confusion over this announcement, so allow me to explain. Perot does about $3 billion for Dell. It drags no real Dell infrastructure. It’s a bit of an island.

In the new Dell/EMC world, Perot goes away. Dell gets $3 billion in cash. There's no impact to the core businesses, nor to the core services.

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EMC Continues its March to Flash

This is an interesting week in storage — there's more to come that I can't share just yet but I can say that I am likely to type the word "mainframe" more this week than I have done in a long time prior! That'll make some older folks very happy as much of the intent of virtualization, convergence and clouds seems to be in line, at least conceptually, with what the mainframe was all about (now, there's a fine IT philosophy discussion to be sure!)

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Dell-EMC Buyer Sentiment Research Redux

As you might recall, ESG conducted our own research after the announcement of Dell acquiring EMC to find out what actual people — those who buy stuff — thought. At that time, we really wanted to focus on only what Dell and EMC customers thought about the deal. But recently, we conducted some additional research to specifically gain insight into what non-customers of Dell and EMC thought.

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The Delta-V Awards: The Big Picture

The ESG Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Continuing in our series, this time I’d like to recognize those companies that see “the bigger picture” for big data and analytics. These offerings go beyond point products, even beyond platforms, and address the larger context of a real business (or government) environment.

Learn a bit about the Delta-V awards here.

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Do storage market share trends signal trouble for traditional storage vendors?

There is a lot of excitement in the halls of HP, as well there should be. According to shipment numbers published by IDC last week, HP showed Q3 '15 storage revenue growth of 16% (Q3 '14/Q3 '15) while the other major vendors lost ground. HP gained 2 points of overall market share while market leader EMC lost 2 points. At the end of Q3 2014, HP was 6 points behind EMC in market share, now its only 2.1 points behind. So what does all this mean?

It's important to look behind the headlines. 

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Blue Skies Ahead for Dell, EMC, and Virtustream's Hybrid Cloud

Scientists claim that aftershocks can continue for decades, and in some instances, centuries after a large earthquake event. In the wake of Dell’s announcement to acquire EMC for a staggering $67B, there have been verbal tremors emanating from some corners of the world of IT punditry and sophistry that speculate this deal will be a seismic bust. 

Speculation and conjecture have their place; however, it would be more ideal if these musings were first cross-checked with the actual facts on the ground or...on the acquisition fault line: customer sentiment. According to a recent ESG survey, 92% of Dell and EMC’s customers expect to maintain or increase their level of spending with the combined company. It’s hard to get a much more bullish signal than that.

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Dell-EMC Deal: The Customers Speak

Today, ESG released a non-sponsored brief on customer sentiment of the Dell/EMC deal.

It’s important to note the emphasis – “non-sponsored.” We did this all by our lonesome – because we wanted to know what real people really thought about the deal. No offense to you non-real people.

We, like many others, have prognosticated on the deal – and we have been generally bullish. Many others have decided the deal is garbage.

Alas, we, and they, are not meaningful. Only those who buy stuff are relevant. It doesn’t matter what I think really. Heck, I use a Mac.

So we asked midmarket and enterprise CUSTOMERS of Dell, EMC, or both a series of questions to get their thoughts on the deal.

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Virtustream's Task - Protecting Dell and EMC's Hybrid Cloud Crown Jewels

In a recent blog and video, I speculated about whether or not Dell would enter the public cloud provider space following their acquisition of EMC. I talked about how Virtustream could serve as the foundation for an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution (via Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry), which, when combined with VCE’s private cloud converged infrastructure offerings, could make for an interesting, end-to-end enterprise class hybrid cloud solution.

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More data protection thoughts on Dell and EMC [video]

Last week, I blogged on the combined Data Protection portfolios of Dell and EMC. 

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Dell and EMC – Sanity Check

In our ESG Lab group, we have a saying: “It’s easy to prove something doesn’t work, but it’s really hard to prove something does.”

Even so, I’m a little surprised at the volume of naysayers that are popping up post Dell/EMC merger announcement. Some of the things I’m hearing and reading are just plain dumb. Thus, allow me to straighten you all out.

First, let’s agree Mr. Dell is not an idiot. On the contrary, he’s about 25 billion times smarter than you and I. Second, we should probably agree that Mr. Tucci is pretty smart himself. He took a ragtag bunch who appeared near the end of the customer abuse cycle, with one real product (Symmetrix), and turned it into a powerhouse that has dominated the storage world for decades, and, oh yeah, brought you VMware.

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