Insights from Extreme Connect 2018 (Video)

Last week I attended Extreme Connect, Extreme Networks' first ever user event. This event attracted roughly 500 people from across the globe. Nestled in the Weston Kierland resort in Scottsdale Arizona, this event was the culmination of a five-month tour to introduce customers to the new Extreme. You may remember that Extreme recently acquired Zebra wireless, Avaya networking, and Brocade Data Center Networking Solutions.

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See You at Extreme Connect

This week I am escaping the cold and wet northeast to head to the warm and sunny climate of Scottsdale, Arizona to attend the Extreme Networks customer event aptly named “Connect.” While there, I will take part in an analyst panel hosted by Norman Rice, the Extreme CMO, discussing trends and initiatives that are impacting the network.

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Extreme Executes Against Vision with Brocade Acquisition

For the last few years Extreme Networks has been quietly executing on its vision to provide end-to-end network solutions for enterprise customers. The latest acquisition of Brocade adds enterprise-class data center switching, routing, and network analytics. It will also come with many existing customers and enough revenue to push Extreme over the one-billion-dollar mark.

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Extreme Fan Experience – NFL Style

This week I was invited to go to the NFL offices in New York to hear about a partnership announcement between the NFL and Extreme Networks. I’ll get to the announcement in a minute. But, first how cool is it to have a press conference in the same room – actually the same table -- that all 32 teams and Rodger Goodell sit at to discuss the future of the NFL. Plus the 47 Super Bowl rings on display in the lobby was definitely a photo-op moment. Now back to how this relates to technology…

Extreme Networks is the NFL’s preferred vendor for Wi-Fi network analytics. You may say to yourself, what exactly does that mean. To the NFL it means a vastly improved customer experience in the stadium on game day. Consider for a moment an NFL stadium on game day – did you envision a huge stadium packed with 60 or 70 thousand screaming fans. Sounds about right -- okay, now consider the fact that virtually all the fans have some form of smartphone or wireless device that they will use to stay connected while at the game. As one of the speakers at the press conference pointed out, that is like enabling Wi-Fi for a small city a dozen or more (if lucky) times per year. Only it is in an area a fraction of the size of most cities – and packed with the two things that impact Wi-Fi signals the most – concrete and water (humans are roughly 60-65% water- a human brain 85% water-(I looked it up). This is typically reffered to as high-density WiFi. If it so difficult, why do they do this?

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Extreme Networks Revamps Go-to-Market with Lenovo and EMC VSPEX Partnerships

Recently, Extreme Networks announced its global reseller partnership with Lenovo as well as its inclusion in the EMC VSPEX program. Both announcements highlight the ability to create integrated computing platforms (ICP) leveraging Extreme networking equipment. For more information on this, please see Mark Bowker’s Market Landscape Report, Integrated Computing Platforms. While the Lenovo and VSPEX announcements are technically separate entities, together, they mark what appears to be the beginning of an aggressive go-to-market approach from Extreme—both from a technology alliance point of view, and from a channel strategy perspective. Indeed, EMC has been partners with Lenovo for some time now and there will be synergies that Extreme can leverage.

Re: the Extreme Networks-Lenovo reseller alliance:

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BYOD Security Gotchas

I've spent a fair amount of time lately on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobile devices, and related issues around information/cyber security. Yes, we are still firmly in the hype cycle but some mobile device security patterns are starting to emerge.

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What I Like About HP's Virtual Application Network (VAN) Announcement

Pity poor legacy networks. There's a tremendous amount of change going on with everything that connects to networks - mobile devices, virtual hosts, cloud computing applications- but networks have remained static, inflexible, and technically esoteric. This dichotomy leads to a situation that ESG calls "network discontinuity"-legacy networks just can't keep up with modern business and technical requirements.

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