NetApp and Cisco Expand FlexPod Portfolio

Keeping pace with the rapid rate of change in integrated computing platforms (ICPs), NetApp and Cisco aren’t wasting any time aligning innovation with the demands of its 2,400 customers. The days of do-it-yourself (DIY) builds are waning as more and more ICP vendors aim to make IT infrastructure easier to procure, manage, and maintain. Full details of this shift are described in ESG’s Market Landscape Report: Integrated Computing Platforms.

To accommodate the needs of a growing market, NetApp and Cisco are developing solutions for companies of various size and targeting new workloads, all while continuing to sweeten their ingredients. Knowing that one size fits all is not going to work inside IT organizations, NetApp and Cisco offer:

  • FlexPod Datacenter. Availble for multiple use case in the enterprise IT data center and a service provider running a shared virtualized environment.
  • FlexPod Express. FlexPod Express, which is designed to help IT clean house and aggregate workloads onto a single platform, targets down market.
  • FlexPod Select. FlexPod Select is geared towards specialized environments in the enterprise data center.
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Carrier Grade Meets Enterprise Grade in the Cloud

Part of my job is to sit in my office and do research, which I enjoy quite a bit. Put in the earbuds, crank up Led Zep, analyze, and write all day. But probably one of the coolest parts of the job is getting to go and talk to customers. Sometimes this is a one-to-many endeavor like I’ll be doing next week in Vegas at VMWare’s Partner Exchange 2013. Other times it is getting to go talk to a customer face-to-face and sometimes it’s at a place that is just plain cool. This happened to me just this week as we got to go to One Summer St. in Boston MA to visit The Markley Group. I got to see a tour of their NOC, an OC-768 cable (with every other possible OC size), and several multi-megawatt generators up on the roof.

Markley has been providing close to 1M square feet of carrier grade data center space for over a decade. What is carrier grade? I’ve seen it defined as Five-nines availability with very short (sub 50 millisecond) failover. In layman’s terms, this means always available and failures are seamless and unnoticeable.

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Vendor Synergies Drive Next Gen of NetApp FlexPod

Some may see the latest FlexPod from Netapp as another arrow in their quiver and the next generation of a solution that supports Microsoft System Center 2012. It is, but I see something way more interesting. It is difficult in any partnership to get two teams to work collaboratively, share a common vision and strategy, and successfully execute together. NetApp's latest announcement includes the collaboration and cooperation of FOUR vendors - FOUR! This is not an easy feat.

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NetApp FlexPod Expands into the Midmarket

The way IT is accustomed to procuring and consuming virtual computing infrastructure is rapidly changing. Its traditional DIY (do it yourself) model is littered with risk and new integrated computing solutions take the guesswork out of infrastructure, remove the complexity, and ultimately arm IT with the ability to improve business process as opposed to spending a giant portion of their time maintaining infrastructure.

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