Google's journey to the enterprise

Google’s premier cloud infrastructure event, GCP:NEXT 16 was held a few weeks ago in San Francisco. The event represents a concerted effort by Google to explain how they are bringing cloud computing innovation to the enterprise. Google invited a large number of press, media, and analysts to the event for the first time, clearly signaling a determined effort to drive a high level of visibility around three core tenets for why customers choose Google: value, risk, and innovation. These three tenets comprise the DNA of Google, and are readily visible across their stack from their underlying infrastructure up through GCP and its growing array of services.

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Flexible support for traditional apps on Google Cloud Platform

At GCP NEXT, there was a lot of attention placed on new capabilities and support for cloud-native apps. However, there are lesser-known capabilities for supporting classic enterprise applications, which is what mainstream enterprises look for.

Not every company can rewrite their applications to take advantage of the latest Google App Engine PaaS capabilities. Yet they enviously look at the advanced features and management capabilities provided for new applications.

Google has started to address this, and one example of "you can have your cake and eat it too" is the Google App Engine Flexible Environment, formerly known as Managed VMs.

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