The Feds Are Going Vertical!

General Dynamics (GD)is one of the top 5 defense contractors in the world and is a well known system integrator in government circles. GD’s information systems prowess covers all five of the domains known to mankind (space, land, air, sea, and cyber).

Since the federal government initiated the "cloud first" program, government agencies as well as their suppliers have been trying to find ways to construct cloud services that meet their special needs. Due to these special requirements, public clouds may not fit the bill but community or private clouds offer some of the advantages of cloud services (on-demand, self-service, pay-for-what-you-use, etc.) while having specialized security controls.

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Gravitating to the Cloud

If you are a CIO/IT manager at an enterprise there seems to be a lot of promise but also hype when it comes to the cloud. And god forbid you get a real and consistent definition of what cloud is. That said, there are so many people talking about it and so many great ideas and offerings, there just has to be some reality in it all. Right?

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