How Antivirus Continues to Compete

Despite well over a decade of sales success, antivirus technology has never been beloved in the security marketplace. Security professionals do not have immense faith in antivirus (AV) products to stop modern malware, and average users have never enjoyed the notifications, scans, and updates that go along with protecting a computer from roughly 6,000 new malware variants per day.

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LegalTech 2012 Pre-Game: Attorney Review Tools

Previously in our LegalTech 2012 countdown, legaltech-2012-pre-game-service-providers/index.html">we covered the e-discovery Service Provider landscape. Today we look at what's likely to be top of mind at LegalTech 2012 in attorney review software and SaaS - based on trends from 2011, and the releases we can talk about so far.

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