HPE Discover-ing Its True Identity

This month saw the US version of HPE Discover in jolly old Vegas. Apparently - with apologies to R.L.Stevenson - Jekyll and Hyde are alive and well and embodied in Hewlett and Packard! Because, boy is it hard to figure things out as far as this venerable corporate IT behemoth goes.  

In my "ESG On Location" video from the event I try to get to an insight about HPE that is more nuanced than merely a summary of the contemporary newsfeed; I should ask you to view that video first to get a flavor of things in Vegas and then I will add a few more explanatory comments.....

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A Slimmer HPE Means There’s More to “Discover?" (Includes Video)

As is now traditional, HPE follows the US Thanksgiving celebrations with its Discover event in Europe. Just last week thousands of loyal HPE users, potential users, and a bunch of market watchers turned up in London's Docklands to hear what the company had to show and tell.

Taking a hint from the [surprising] local weather, HPE sported a decidedly sunny disposition all week. Perhaps that's to be expected after the HP split and the more recent - ongoing – spin-out/mergers of the software and services parts of the business. This is clearly a middle-aged company that has shed weight...the question now is how nimble and nifty it can be while remaining both valuable and invaluable to its customers. I add some extra commentary below, but first please take a look at the video blog I put together at Discover - a quick skim across a very large pond.

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