NEXT Up: Hitachi Vantara (includes video)

Last week, Hitachi held its NEXT conference in Vegas. The saying goes that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but I don’t think Hitachi wants that to be the case here! This is because it turns out that three previously merely linked organizations under the Hitachi umbrella formally got together as one (maybe they nipped off to one of those Vegas wedding chapels!?)—HDS, Hitachi Insights Group, and Pentaho are now a single organization: Vantara.

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HDS Is Spelled Hitachi (includes video)


At last week’s Hitachi Strategy Session the essence of the event was made very clear up front: ”You're not going to get boxes and roadmaps - it's business strategy." For some vendors – and this isn’t a pejorative comment, just a statement of fact – “strategy” actually means that those of us in the audience are simply going to get higher level messages about the importance of, and their intention to, provide better boxes and roadmaps!  But here the different corporate strategy of Hitachi was front, center, and crystal clear.

Senior Hitachi executives Kojima-san (who leads its Insight group) and Otsuki-san (who heads the US operations) kicked off the event with a reminder of Hitachi’s history and corporate ethos….that wasn’t significant just because it’s a stark contrast to many other vendor organizations in this business; but instead also because it served to remind us that the strategy Hitachi now promotes is actually more of a public manifestation and route-to-market alignment with what this organization has really been about for its more-than-a-century of life. This video from the event (in which I am joined by my colleague Terri McCure and Hicham Abdessamad, the CEO/President of Hitachi Consulting) summarizes what this is all about.

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The Delta-V Awards: The Big Picture

The ESG Delta-V awards recognize the top 20 companies that made an impact in big data and analytics in 2015. Continuing in our series, this time I’d like to recognize those companies that see “the bigger picture” for big data and analytics. These offerings go beyond point products, even beyond platforms, and address the larger context of a real business (or government) environment.

Learn a bit about the Delta-V awards here.

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