Hitachi Transforms Itself at Next (Video)

Last week Mark Peters and I attended Hitachi's first ever user conference, Next. While the conference had the usual product and solution announcements one would expect at such an event, the biggest news was the reorganization of multiple independent divisions and companies within the Hitachi umbrella to create the new Hitachi Vantara.

Hitachi Vantara brings together HDS, Hitachi Insights Group, and Pentaho into a single organization. The new structure gives the Vantara team an opportunity to focus on a different competitive landscape than they faced separately – and in a much stronger position. Longer term, HDS will no longer be duking it out with Dell EMC, NetApp, IBM, and HPE for the (shrinking) data center infrastructure dollar. Pentaho won’t be evaluated head-to-head with Qlik. And Lumada won’t just be evaluated against GE Predix. They will be able to knit together the infrastructure, analytics, and insights into an end-to-end solution that reaches from the edge (even to sensors, leveraging the broader Hitachi organization) to the data center. 

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HDS Is Spelled Hitachi (includes video)


At last week’s Hitachi Strategy Session the essence of the event was made very clear up front: ”You're not going to get boxes and roadmaps - it's business strategy." For some vendors – and this isn’t a pejorative comment, just a statement of fact – “strategy” actually means that those of us in the audience are simply going to get higher level messages about the importance of, and their intention to, provide better boxes and roadmaps!  But here the different corporate strategy of Hitachi was front, center, and crystal clear.

Senior Hitachi executives Kojima-san (who leads its Insight group) and Otsuki-san (who heads the US operations) kicked off the event with a reminder of Hitachi’s history and corporate ethos….that wasn’t significant just because it’s a stark contrast to many other vendor organizations in this business; but instead also because it served to remind us that the strategy Hitachi now promotes is actually more of a public manifestation and route-to-market alignment with what this organization has really been about for its more-than-a-century of life. This video from the event (in which I am joined by my colleague Terri McCure and Hicham Abdessamad, the CEO/President of Hitachi Consulting) summarizes what this is all about.

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Hitachi is Connecting Its Own Dots (Includes Video)

At the recent HDS Connect Event there were -literally- all sorts of connections to be made. HDS had pulled its sales and partner conferences together with the analyst event, a leadership meeting, and sundry others. The first connection was to parade the huge range of mothership Hitachi's capabilities, and thereby give some tangible credibility to the vision, and even gradual manifestation, of the overall Hitachi drive for "Social Innovation." It is all-at-once bold, compelling, grandiose, challenging, a tad vague at times, a tad very real at others, breathtaking, surprising, and admirable. It certainly made for a vastly different tone than a regular IT or (often in my case) storage vendor conference. Before adding a few more details, here's an ESG "On Location" video featuring summary comments from yours truly together with my colleagues Nik Rouda and Terri McClure.

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Hitachi Data For Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi held court at its own Innovation Forum in Tokyo, Japan last week, and the main message was the imperative for "social innovation," defined as using technology to create a better world and improve people's lives. This is not to be confused with the social innovations of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or the like, and while it sounds like the loftiest of corporate mission statements, there is some real potential here. 

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HDS and The Internet of Things

I recently attended HDS Analyst Day, which was held in Colorado Springs at the very lovely Broadmoor hotel. Colorado is very high, literally and figuratively. I took a train up Pikes Peak and got my first ever case of altitude sickness (felt like I was on a boat when I came back down). Fret not, I was fine. And no, I didn't go to a dispensary (although I totally would have, time permitting).

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