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Do storage market share trends signal trouble for traditional storage vendors?

Posted: December 15, 2015   /   By: Terri McClure   /   Tags: Storage, EMC, HP

storage growthThere is a lot of excitement in the halls of HP, as well there should be. According to shipment numbers published by IDC last week, HP showed Q3 '15 storage revenue growth of 16% (Q3 '14/Q3 '15) while the other major vendors lost ground. HP gained 2 points of overall market share while market leader EMC lost 2 points. At the end of Q3 2014, HP was 6 points behind EMC in market share, now its only 2.1 points behind. So what does all this mean?

It's important to look behind the headlines. 

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HPE’s Composable Infrastructure: IaaS for the hybrid cloud masses

Posted: December 01, 2015   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: HP, IaaS, hybrid cloud

"Come together, right now…over me"
-The Beatles


Cloud_Discussion.jpgMany IT decisionmakers find themselves at a crossroads today: how do they best maintain two distinct sets of IT environments? There's the legacy applications that run the business; and the next-generation, cloud-native applications that in many respects, represent the long-term health and future of the business. 

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What HPE Synergy’s Composable Infrastructure Means to Application Development and Deployment

Posted: December 01, 2015   /   By: ESG   /   Tags: HP, Application Development & Deployment, hybrid cloud, HPE

cloud.jpgOn December 1 2015, HPE announced its composable hybrid infrastructure, called HPE Synergy. I wanted to take a look at the announcement from both the technological side and from the developer's practical perspective.

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HP and Big Data: Is there a "there" there?

Posted: August 10, 2015   /   By: Nik Rouda   /   Tags: Analytics, Big Data, HP

confused-consumerOver the last few years, I've had the opportunity to engage with more than a hundred vendors of big data solutions. While each has its own distinct view of the market and its own particular offerings, most can be readily understood after a quick conversation. For example, I spoke with a startup company today, Cambridge Intelligence, that has a Java developer toolkit for visualizing graph analytics in browser-based applications—pretty straightforward, even if they don't have a big marketing department to communicate this broadly. Conversely, sometimes the bigger players are the hardest to pin down precisely, if only because they have so many more products and organizational boundaries to reconcile. 

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Data Protection Perspectives from HP Discover 2015

Posted: June 09, 2015   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: Hewlett-Packard, HP, DRaaS, Veritas, HP Discover

backup_data_storageMy colleague Mark Peters and I attended HP Discover 2015 last week to get an updated view of the storage and data protection innovations being announced at the event. What was heartening for me was that one of HP’s core four pillars was “Protect” where the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise company talks about its converged approach to information security and data protection (backup), which includes backup and archival software, as well as the HP StoreOnce deduplication storage solutions.

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HP Discover’s New Words, Logos, and Energy (Includes Video)

Posted: June 08, 2015   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, HP, HP Discover

Las_Vegas_DuskHP just held the US version of its biannual Discover user conference. And it was the last one as the HP we know - by the time the show arrives in London in December there should officially be two new companies: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP, Inc. (the latter – conveniently – being the one with the actual ink!). In the “main tent” sessions there was much focus on, and myriad mentions of, the separation, but the users I spoke with remained skeptical; not so much of what value it might bring to the uber HP, but of what direct impact and value it might have on them. As weak and obvious a statement as it is, only time will tell.

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Channeling Positive Thoughts at HP's GPC (includes video)

Posted: March 30, 2015   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: HP, channel partners, storage virtualization

heading_forwardThis month (just slightly ahead of the full-force Spring "show season" that hits in April and May), HP gathered its loyal partner base in Vegas at its Global Partner Conference. My colleague, ESG Senior Partnering Consultant Kevin Rhone, and I were on hand and pulled together another "ESG On Location" video to try to capture some of the key take-aways from our perspectives. 

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What DellWorld 2014 says about Dell’s future in 2015 and beyond

Posted: November 11, 2014   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: IBM, Microsoft, VMware, nutanix, HP, Lenovo, software-defined data center, software-defined storage, openstack, Quest Software, Swift, Nexenta

I recently had the opportunity to attend DellWorld 2014 in my hometown of Austin, Texas. One year after going private, Dell seems, at least to this outside observer, to be filled with excitement and optimism for the future. The positive atmosphere comes as a welcome change from what seems to be a sea of turmoil encompassing the remaining server-storage players in the IT market these days. HP recently announced plans to split the company into two, separating the consumer and enterprise pieces. This news comes in the wake of IBM selling its X-series server business to Lenovo. The list of end-to-end IT providers is rapidly shrinking.

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How to Protect an EVO RAIL (video series)

Posted: October 13, 2014   /   By: Jason Buffington   /   Tags: EMC, EVO, IT Infrastructure, Data Protection, JBuff, VMware, Private Cloud Infrastructure, Information and Risk Management, HP, Dell

VMware’s EVO RAIL is an architecture for a hyper-converged, software-defined data center in a single appliance form-factor … to be delivered by various hardware partners. But how do you protect that all-in-one solution?

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HP - Parsed and Future

Posted: October 07, 2014   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, IT Infrastructure, Hewlett-Packard, HP

So, after a furor of news, we can all settle down now in the knowledge that there will be two HP's. I so wanted one to be called Hewlett and the other Packard! Maybe with a lower-case "i" in front of each name for a contemporary nod and wink to the founders. By the way, if ever you are having trouble remembering which HP is which, they did at least make that easy for us: the ink is in the Inc.

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