HPE is law-abiding in Las Vegas

At HPE Discover recently the "marketing law of big companies" (which I just made up) was on full display. In essence the premise is that the bigger you are, the harder it can be to make a specific point. I absolutely don't mean there were no big points to be made, but when you have a bunch of them, it is hard for each to stand out. The amalgam can even be a tad plain: once you boil too many — albeit good — things down, you can get too much generalization.

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What might be Discovered at HPE's June event in Vegas

This time next week, HPE's Discover event in Las Vegas will be over and done.

I expect that everyone who's actually there will be paying close attention to all the news in the General Sessions — if nothing else because the weather forecast shows it will be too hot to venture outside! For those of you that might not be enjoying the Vegas air conditioning, it looks like paying attention to what HPE has to say might be worthwhile, both conceptually and also for what it means for the likely overall direction of the storage industry as much as for the initial manifestations that HPE will discuss.

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Data Protection Perspectives from HP Discover 2015

My colleague Mark Peters and I attended HP Discover 2015 last week to get an updated view of the storage and data protection innovations being announced at the event. What was heartening for me was that one of HP’s core four pillars was “Protect” where the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise company talks about its converged approach to information security and data protection (backup), which includes backup and archival software, as well as the HP StoreOnce deduplication storage solutions.

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HP Discover’s New Words, Logos, and Energy (Includes Video)

HP just held the US version of its biannual Discover user conference. And it was the last one as the HP we know - by the time the show arrives in London in December there should officially be two new companies: Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP, Inc. (the latter – conveniently – being the one with the actual ink!). In the “main tent” sessions there was much focus on, and myriad mentions of, the separation, but the users I spoke with remained skeptical; not so much of what value it might bring to the uber HP, but of what direct impact and value it might have on them. As weak and obvious a statement as it is, only time will tell.

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