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As the Storage Industry Converges on VMworld, HPE and NetApp are Poised to Make Noise

Posted: July 20, 2017   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Storage, Netapp, VMware, VMworld, Nimble, HPE, Simplicity

future-storage.jpgIt’s the middle of summer. While for some that means time for a well-needed vacation, for those of us in the enterprise storage industry, it means that VMworld is just around the corner. Over the past few years, VMworld has become the premier multi-vendor storage industry event. While there is some debate on whether that status may be up for grabs over the next few years, VMworld still serves as an opportunity to take stock of the latest in storage innovations and capture a glimpse of how storage vendors' strategies are progressing with their customers.

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HPE Gets Nimble: Dollars, Distribution...and Differentiation

Posted: April 21, 2017   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, Nimble, HPE

 aquisition.jpgSo, as of this week Nimble is a part of HPE. In exchange for a billion dollars (plus taking on $200M of equity awards) HPE gets the hybrid and all-flash vendor that achieved a highly-respectable $402M in sales in its last fiscal year.

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HPE gets "Nimble" for $1 Billion

Posted: March 07, 2017   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Storage, data storage, hybrid storage, Nimble, HPE, All-Flash Array

handshake.jpgThe enterprise storage industry is heating up. Today, HPE announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Nimble Storage. HPE will pay $12.50 per share, for a nice round purchase price of $1.0 billion. The move makes sense on a number of fronts for HPE. The first and obvious benefit is that it injects new life and technology into the storage portfolio. While HPE already had some nice storage offerings including 3PAR and the StoreVirtual lineup, HPE’s overall revenue took a hit last year, with quarterly revenue down over 10% year over year. Although these results were similar across many of the big storage players, it is time to act. 

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That was Fast! HPE Closes SimpliVity Acquisition

Posted: February 24, 2017   /   By: Terri McClure   /   Tags: nutanix, Simplivity, Converged Infrastructure, HPE, dell-emc, hyperconverged

GettyImages-588266018.jpgThat was fast! HPE only announced it planned to acquire hyperconverged software vendor SimpliVity on January 17, and it closed exactly one month later, on February 17. Why the hurry? Because they need to!

You can't let a market get away from you, and hyperconverged is a fast growing market. When ESG surveyed IT managers responsible for cloud infrastructure decisions, we learned that hyperconverged systems are playing a huge role in IT's plans. When ESG surveyed IT managers responsible for cloud infrastructure, we found that 85% of them are using or plan to adopt hyperconverged solutions. 

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HPE Acquires SimpliVity as the Market (Hyper)Converges

Posted: January 19, 2017   /   By: Terri McClure   /   Tags: Simplivity, Converged Infrastructure, HPE, HCI

acquisition.jpgAs you've probably heard by now, HPE announced this week that it intends to acquire hyperconverged infrastructure vendor SimpliVity. This is a definitively good move for HPE. The deal certainly isn't as big as Dell EMC, but it does have far reaching portfolio implications for HPE and its customers and it puts HPE in a much stronger position to take on Dell EMC. HPE now brings more value to the discussion and this aligns with their higher level strategy of focusing on “stack” value.

For IT professionals this is a certainly a win.  HPE is going to bring this to market with force and that will result in more competition, better support and improved buyer leverage.

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A Slimmer HPE Means There’s More to “Discover?" (Includes Video)

Posted: December 07, 2016   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, London, HPE, HPE Discover, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

London.jpgAs is now traditional, HPE follows the US Thanksgiving celebrations with its Discover event in Europe. Just last week thousands of loyal HPE users, potential users, and a bunch of market watchers turned up in London's Docklands to hear what the company had to show and tell.

Taking a hint from the [surprising] local weather, HPE sported a decidedly sunny disposition all week. Perhaps that's to be expected after the HP split and the more recent - ongoing – spin-out/mergers of the software and services parts of the business. This is clearly a middle-aged company that has shed weight...the question now is how nimble and nifty it can be while remaining both valuable and invaluable to its customers. I add some extra commentary below, but first please take a look at the video blog I put together at Discover - a quick skim across a very large pond.

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Are we evaluating the storage technology name or the benefit?

Posted: November 07, 2016   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Storage, Netapp, Gartner, Scale-out, HPE, All flash, File System

153373540.jpegAs a storage analyst, I am repeatedly asked to compare one storage technology solution to another. Several years ago, this wasn’t very difficult. In enterprise storage, there were really only a couple options: SAN or NAS. When comparing SAN storage, evaluations looked at performance, data resiliency features, and price. When comparing NAS solutions, technical comparisons likely emphasized price and capacity scaling, along with a myriad of different file system-specific features such as how granular the system could manage quotas or snapshots. Depending on how you look at it, those might be considered the good old days for a storage analyst. Comparing solutions was relatively easy.

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Understanding Poetry at the HPE Big Data Conference

Posted: September 02, 2016   /   By: Nik Rouda   /   Tags: Big Data, Data Management, HPE

Pen_and_Paper.jpgHPE's Big Data Conference was given the tag line #SeizeTheData which immediately made me think of the wonderful film "Dead Poets Society." One of my favorite scenes is when the students learn how to measure and analyze poetry. You can refresh your memory of the dialogue by watching this clip  or reading here. Of course, the whole point is that using analytics doesn't work in poetry appreciation. Which I thought made #SeizeTheData rather ironic as a hashtag. 

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The future of flash is guaranteed

Posted: July 27, 2016   /   By: Scott Sinclair   /   Tags: Storage, Netapp, EMC, flash, Nimble, Violin Memory, Kaminario, HPE, All flash, pure storage, All-Flash Array

flash storageWhen do we stop using the term "flash storage"? When does it become just "storage"? And when do we as an industry shift the qualifier to "mechanical spinning disk media"? That future may be a lot sooner than you might think. The industry perception of flash storage is transforming from why to why not as I write. At some of the more recent storage industry events I have attended, when a question is asked about the potential of flash storage, the storage administrators in the audience are just as likely as the presenter to speak up and sing the praises of all-flash storage.

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HPE is law-abiding in Las Vegas

Posted: June 16, 2016   /   By: Mark Peters   /   Tags: Storage, HP Discover, HPE

HPE Discover recapAt HPE Discover recently the "marketing law of big companies" (which I just made up) was on full display. In essence the premise is that the bigger you are, the harder it can be to make a specific point. I absolutely don't mean there were no big points to be made, but when you have a bunch of them, it is hard for each to stand out. The amalgam can even be a tad plain: once you boil too many — albeit good — things down, you can get too much generalization.

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