Big Blue Mixing It Up with BlueMix and More

I’m back in Las Vegas for IBM’s Pulse Cloud Conference where the weather is better with apparently 11,000 people who are all into cloud and IBM. This is my fourth industry conference in the past year focused on cloud software – the others were AWS re:Invent, OpenStack Summit, and VMworld. The size of these software events keeps getting bigger, though they all seem to attract slightly different crowds. As you’d imagine, this one has a lot of more mature people with a lot of suits in the mix. I consider this a good thing because it smells like the enterprise is taking cloud seriously and IBM is positioning themselves. Plus IBM is not catering to IT like many of the other providers – but is instead focusing on the lines of business and developers, trying to bring all three together to improve business agility. How are they doing that? Here are a few tidbits:


  • The acquisition of SoftLayer ($2+B) and committing to building 15 new data centers with another $1.2B investment bringing their cloud data center count up to 40 globally gives the enterprise a global and scalable cloud provider with high performance instances delivered on Bare Metal.
  • IBM just announced that they acquired Cloudant, which is a noSQL database built on Couchbase and will be offered as-a-service. Plus Cloudant potentially gives IBM more reach with Cloudant running on AWS, Rackspace, and other CSPs platforms. For the enterprise, they will be able to consume noSQL along with MongoDB, Hadoop, and their own in-memory database plus SAP and Oracle.
  • IBM is a major OpenStack contributor and sponsor as well as being determined to deliver cloud services on OpenStack.
  • IBM will be extending SoftLayer to manage other CPU designs (namely Power and Z series).
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Discussing Backup with IBM

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Hughes and Todd Watson from IBM. We talked about three IT trends that are disrupting traditional data protection strategies and legacy approaches:

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